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500 Posts In…

by , January 30, 2013
500 Posts In…
We’ve just clicked over 500 posts on Carryology, and we’re kinda proud of how far we’ve come. But rather than bore you guys with a credit role or acknowledgements, we thought we should share some of the highlights in case you’ve missed them along the way.
First up – we’re loving how rad the comments can get, with them often adding lots of insight to the post. Reviews of tactical packs always pull lots, and often from mega-informed readers who have lived in these bags through crazy times. Rush, TAD, Goruck…any pack you dodge bullets with get the passion stirring. But we also really love when the brands themselves get involved, with loads of brand founders, designers and influencers getting amongst the comments. One of our favorite so far is probably the Bedouin Barbary review, where a whole sub-industry got into the discussion.
500 Posts In…
Favorite sub-communities? Well, there’s definitely the tactical and EDC readers, who give us the most analytical and critical inputs, where every single detail wants to find optimization and perfection. Or there’s the cyclists, many of whom bulldoze through any issue by breaking it then hacking it back together. Or the photographers who add visual candy to our posts, or the business travelers who refine their systems of carry like no others. Ahhh, we love you all…
Most helpful post? How about just choosing between a backpack or a messenger for your daily carry?
Favorite images? We can’t go past the Vintage Auto Carry post.
Favorite niggles? Yeah, it’s a close tie between airmesh, rigid backs, and ‘the great silence’, which are all those carry goods we refuse to even mention on Carryology due to terrible design or quality.

500 Posts In…

Favorite carry item? Not this.
Favorite black belt carry technique? Oooh, furoshiki came close, but we have to give it to hoody ninjadom.
Favorite diversions? How can we go past Carry inspired playlists, or Travel inspired movies…?
Favorite category? Probably Carry Conversations, where we get all intimate with incredible crew. Lots more of those to come.
Right, so what about the next 500 posts? What do you want to see more of? Less of? Tell us what to stop doing, keep doing, or start doing, and we’ll see if we can get there with insights and the occasional chuckle.
Thanks for staying tuned.
Your Carry Servants
500 Posts In…


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