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5 Neat Things Happening in Carry Today

by , May 18, 2011

5 Neat Things Happening in Carry Today

5 Neat Things Happening in Carry Today

Last year we guest posted on Buzz Beast with 5 rad things happening in the bags world. After some recent prodding from friends (and because it was a fun post to put together), we figured it was time to update it.

So here are 5 neat things happening in the world of carry as we see it…


It used to be that if you wanted something dialed in for your tastes, you had to pay a bespoke craftsperson one squillion dollars to do it. Oh how things have changed…

Amongst the more mainstream brands, there are now some great options for making a bag match with your favorite pair of shoes.

NikeID has been expanding their program to include bags, offering a bunch of fun fabric colors and graphic treatments on some backpacks and shoulder bags.

5 Neat Things Happening in Carry Today

Timbuk2 are adding warehouses full of material options to their customizing program, with enough colours and textures to keep you deliberating for hours.

And craft makers like Temono continue to make wallets and bags to order, with loads of combinations offered.

If small scale is more your thing, the interwebs have given access to countless small scale makers who are very willing to customise a bag for you. Seagull bags, Vaya Bags, and lots of others will now work with you to realise a look that feels just right for you. Oh, and have you had a look at Etsy recently?



It used to only be the ultralight backpackers that asked for lighter and lighter weight gear. But in recent years, they’ve been joined both by travellers sick of getting stung by ever lower airline baggage allowances, and every activity in between.

New fabrications, thinner fabrics, and some clever design tricks are seeing weight stripped from carry gear aimed at all sorts of activities.

5 Neat Things Happening in Carry Today

There’s the tiny packable bags , featherweight surfboard bags starting to use Tyvek, stripped back daypacks, and a renewed focus on weight from the big luggage brands like Samsonite.

Oh, and those ultralite backpackers are still at it.



Once again, this used to be the preserve of outdoor brands, generally building ‘dunk duffels’ for canoeing. But with the glorification of urban cycling, bags, panniers and even wallets are getting the water resistance treatments while finally shedding the wiggles look.

Part of this is being achieved with new fabrics and coatings, part with seam technologies like welding and sealing, and part with adapted construction tricks like roll tops and deep gussets.

There’s the usual bike packs that we often yap about, there’s the pretty rad Nike NSW range that continues to evolve , there’s fishing packs, fashion bags, and yes, the outdoor guys continue to evolve their Wiggles bags.


Small Satchels (forced by the iPad)

Man bags have long been socially restricted to European cities. Used anywhere else, they pretty radically pigeon-holed you, whether you wanted to be or not.

5 Neat Things Happening in Carry Today

However then necessity has come along in the form of iPads and netbooks, and all of a sudden guys are scratching to find a small bag that will comfortably carry a slim computer and a few basics, while preserving enough of their masculinity that they don’t feel threatened.

One of the great ways to achieve this balance is with craft, and so we’re seeing makers like Hard Graft and Sunset Craftsman Co let you tout your craft credentials.

Then there is the understated approach, for which Porter will always be a starting point.

If utility is your look, Millican have one of the smallest roll-tops around, or if affordability is more your thing, check out Chrome’s utility take and the Rapha Bonk bag (did we just say Rapha and affordable in the same sentence?).


Carry’ is getting embraced as a term

Bags, luggage, cases and wallets have been getting made and sold together for decades, and yet there has never really been a widely embraced term for them. They are generally all just lumped into ‘accessories’ or ‘bags’.

So as 2011 settles in and the interwebs are getting better at sharing good ideas, we’re finally seeing ‘carry’ get embraced by more and more blogs, brands, retailers and thought leaders.

From the Every Day Carry (EDC) scene, through blogs like Carryology and The Carry, to brands like Makr and Bellroy, the term is gaining momentum as a way to label what people have been bundling together for years. And at Carryology, that makes us happy.

5 Neat Things Happening in Carry Today

We grabbed the header image from Christine Mason Miller’s site. Go take a look, it’s pretty neat.


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