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140 Characters of Gold

by , July 17, 2010

140 Characters of Gold

Carryology is where our main ideas get posted, but we also have a bunch of other postings and conversations going on via other platforms (is ‘platforms’ a banned word?)

If Facebook is your thing, check out facebook.com/carryology. You can share ideas, comment on up-coming articles, and even scroll through some of our favourite posts.

But if it’s Twitter that rocks your boat, you can find link love to all sorts of nice carry. We’ll often post a cool bag, wallet, or carry idea that we don’t otherwise mention on Carryology.

Not sure whether you’re sold? Here are a few of our recent tweets to judge for yourself:

1/Some more pics of that tasty Isaora X Porter bag collab over at @theempireave http://bit.ly/aptC4J
4:38PM Jun 27thvia TweetDeck

2/ RT @CreativityBoost: DIY Camera Sling Keeps Your DSLR at the Ready – Camera Hacks – Lifehacker http://ow.ly/17nI5
1:14 AM Feb 15th via TweetDeck

2/ #Nike continues to evolve their awesome ACG messenger, this time with a welded version over on #Honeyee:http://bit.ly/bJeZtE

3/ A new way to carry your shoes? Puma get funky with the humble shoe box: http://lovelypackage.com/pumas-clever-little-bag/ 10:44 PM Apr 14th via TweetDec

4/ Epic: A DIY sewing cafe in Paris lets you sew by the hour. Imagine the Tote bags you could conceive!http://bit.ly/cK2GTc (psfk.com) 3:16 PM Apr 11th via TweetDeck

5/ Excellent thoughts about conspicuous consumption from Seth Godin, questioning luxury, but also craft: http://bit.ly/cBJkft 4:32 AM Apr 7th via TweetDeck

6/ R u a messenger geek? The stabilizer strap for Bailey Works messenger bags is anchored at the center of the panel:http://bit.ly/dcCU80 1:31 PM Feb 15th via TweetDeck

7/ Wow, these Aran bags by Superfolk are some of the most unique carries we’ve seen in awhile. Wool knit lined! http://bit.ly/daUaw4

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140 Characters of Gold


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.