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9 DIY Projects Fit for EDC

by , February 28, 2017

Putting time, effort and passion into creating something makes it that extra bit special. Something you want to hold onto. Not to mention that warm, fuzzy feeling of pride every time you use it. 😉 Perhaps you’re a seasoned DIY pro, having honed your skills over countless hours of trial and error. Maybe you’re just getting started, fingers itching to trace patterns or pick up a needle and thread. Wherever you are along the DIY journey, these fun projects are a good way to expand your skills – with the added bonus of an addition to your EDC. And even if the final piece isn’t so neat, the story behind it will be…

Ikea Ultralight Backpack

Ikea backpack

The creator behind this DIY project was on the hunt for a way to reduce his carry weight. Finding a lot of ultralight backpacks were expensive to purchase, he made his own using Ikea bags.

Leather Wallet

Make a leather wallet

Fancy a minimalist leather wallet that’s compact enough to fit in a pocket? This Instructable teaches you how to make your own, with enough space for folded cash and EDC cards.

DIY Bike Panniers

DIY bike panniers

Bike panniers are a handy carry option if you have bulky items to transport. Plus they can help keep you cooler than wearing a bag on your person. There are a lot of great panniers out there, but you can save some money (and enjoy some personalized bike carry) by making your own with this DIY Instructable.

Cuben Fiber Backpack

Cuben fiber backpack

Cuben Fiber backpacks are a popular choice when it comes to ultralight bags, but their lightweight strength comes with the downside of a pretty hefty price tag. However, you can keep your costs down by purchasing the material and making the bag yourself – just like this pack that takes long-distance hiking in its stride.

Bifold Leather Wallet

How to Make a Wallet That Will Last the Rest of Your Life

If you’re looking for a leather wallet with slightly more organization than the one mentioned above, this bifold is a good one for testing out your maker skills. Slim and stylish, the wallet design and tutorial is from the folks behind Bison Made (now Ezra Arthur).

DIY Backpack

Simple and versatile, this DIY backpack suits both work and play environments. As a bonus, the urban-friendly aesthetics can be tweaked to your preferences depending on the fabric you choose to use. Understated or vibrant, it’s a pack you can put your own stamp on.

DIY Zipper Pouch

This multifunctional DIY zipper pouch is handy for organizing small EDC items within a larger bag, and also doubles as a Dopp kit or makeup bag for your travels. As with the backpack above, you can decide what fabric to use to express your own personal tastes.

Silicone Phone Case

Your phone is probably one of your more expensive EDC items. Unfortunately, it’s probably one of your more fragile items too, but this DIY silicone phone case can give it some much-needed protection on the go. The case can be crafted for any phone, making this a useful alternative if you’re struggling to find a case that fits your particular phone. Plus with the addition of dye, you can have it in pretty much any color you want.

Leather Phone Case

Leather iPhone Case

If leather is your material of choice for phone cases, this tutorial will teach you how to make a simple and stylish case of your own. The case in the tutorial is for an iPhone, but like the DIY project above, you can tailor the case to any phone.


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