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Gifts for the Tech-Head

Gifts for the Tech-Head

by , December 4, 2015

The Tech-head. Always with a pasty finger on the techno-pulse. If it’s faster, smaller and smarter, they’re all over it. A gadget for everything. They might even have read every sci-fi (Neuromancer and Dune more than 10 times each). The sun likely does strange things to their skin, they rarely venture outside. And they most definitely suffer serious withdrawals if separated from their tech for longer than a half-sleep – and they’re always plugged in, always. 

These are gifts for the Tech-Head, and will make you a worthy recipient of a digital high-five…

Silent Pocket Bi-Fold Wallet ($39.99)

Silent Pocket Bi-Fold Wallet

This sleek piece of pocket carry is built tough out of nappa top grain leather, ready to withstand years of use while retaining a smart appearance. Despite its minimalist form, there’s plenty of interior organization to keep your cash and cards in order. Three card slots on either side provide storage for your frequently-accessed cards, while left and right pockets offer extra space for stashing those never-know-when-you-might-need-them cards. A full-length back pocket stores cash and as an added bonus the wallet provides RFID protection so you can keep personal data safe and secure.

Great for: peace of mind with RFID protection in a stylish wallet that looks good in both formal and non-formal environments…

PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Air Plane + Stealth Bomber Templates ($44.99)

PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Air Plane + Stealth Bomber Templates

That dream to get your pilot’s licence might never happen, but you can still be master of the skies with this nifty smartphone-controlled paper airplane. Your phone controls the plane via Bluetooth technology, with a mobile app giving you control over the rudder and the motor’s power for direction changes and descents and ascents. Ten custom paper airplane templates are also included in the kit.

Great for: taking the paper airplane to new heights (quite literally) and getting competitive with friends in demonstrating your impressive flying skills…

Sippo ($49)


You know staying hydrated is good for you, but a busy lifestyle means you sometimes forget to take those all-important sips throughout the day. Sippo is designed to monitor how much water you drink each day and provide reminders if you haven’t drunk enough. Described as a “smart water bottle”, Sippo connects through Bluetooth to an app on your phone and provides hydration recommendations based on day-to-day activity and environment factors.

Great for: if you want a water bottle that works a little harder, helping you boost your health and stay properly hydrated without having to set your own reminders…

RØDE VideoMic Me ($59)

RØDE VideoMic Me

Want to be the next big YouTube star? Got some Spielberg aspirations? Well you’ve got to start somewhere – and that somewhere is likely with your smartphone. Whether you’re creating mini film masterpieces, capturing video of your mate’s new band doing their first live gig or simply providing suitable background comment on your pet cat’s daily activities, now you can enjoy some quality sound without having to shell out lots of money. This lightweight directional microphone easily connects to your smartphone for significantly improved audio and comes with a furry windshield so you can still enjoy clear audio outdoors.

Great for: avoiding poor audio that detracts from your filming, with a lightweight and compact form that’s inexpensive and easily portable…

Roost Laptop Stand ($59)

Roost Laptop Stand

Laptops are great when you need a portable workstation. But after a while, you’re going to start feeling the strain…after all, there’s only so much your neck and back are willing to put up with, and extended hunching over your laptop is not in that list. The Roost laptop stand fits most laptops, is fast to set up, packs down to a compact form and has an adjustable height to suit your preferences. Just add a mouse and keyboard (not included) for an instant promotion to a strain-free working setup.

Great for: getting down to business on your laptop without having to endure uncomfortable back and neck positions, plus the benefits of keeping your laptop screen at a comfortable and easily visible eye level…

mophie powerstation 2X external battery ($59.95)

mophie powerstation 2X external battery

Smartphones can do amazing things…but sometimes their battery life isn’t as amazing. That’s where the mophie powerstation 2X external battery steps in. With a battery capacity of 4,000mAh, it can provide up to two full charges for the majority of smartphones, all in a slim and stylish aluminum design that fits easily in a bag, tech case or even a coat pocket.

Great for: ensuring you don’t miss that important work call when you’re out and about, and being able to stay in touch with the outside world when you swop the city streets for wilderness rambling…

Incase ICON Sleeve with TENSAERLITE for MB Retina 15″ ($69.95)

Incase ICON Sleeve with TENSAERLITE for MB Retina 15"

Your MacBook Pro Retina is an expensive piece of tech, one you’d never willingly introduce to a hard wall or floor at high speed, but sometimes accidents happen. Whether your bag gets bumped or dropped or your fingers aren’t as grippy as they should be when reaching for your tech, that wince that accompanies your gadget meeting an unfriendly surface will be a lot smaller with the Incase ICON Sleeve. Featuring a TENSAERLITE bumper for shock absorption, a secure magnetic closure and a soft lining, you and your laptop can breathe a sigh of relief.

Great for: impact protection for expensive tech in a stylish sleeve that maintains an elegantly slim profile and won’t weigh you down…

Atmotube (from $85)


Fitness and diet are prominent factors when considering our health – but the air we breathe? Sure, visible billowing smoke is something to avoid, but what about all the air pollution you don’t see? The Atmotube is a portable air pollution sensor that can detect volatile organic compounds, harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, as well as temperature and humidity. By notifying you when the air in your environment is polluted, you can act accordingly to combat this pollution, for instance closing a car window if you’re driving through a highly polluted area, or opening a window if you’re indoors.

Great for: easily monitoring air pollution levels both indoors and outside so you can act accordingly to reduce or avoid harmful pollution…

Wocket Smart Wallet ($149.99)

Wocket Smart Wallet

Cards can be a hassle to carry and access, particularly if you’re not so ruthless at clearing out your wallet (some day those loyalty cards you forgot all about WILL come in useful, darn it!). The Wocket Smart Wallet understands you like the flexibility of numerous cards at your disposal whenever you need them, which is why it securely stores information from all your cards so you can leave them at home but still enjoy their benefits. Relevant information from bank cards, insurance cards, loyalty cards and more can be saved on the Wocket Smart Wallet. Then when you need that information, you simply select it and send it to the swipeable Wocket card (supplied separately).

Great for: if you want access to lots of different cards but don’t want the hassle of carrying them all and rummaging in your wallet to find the right one when you need it…

Incase ICON Laptop Backpack ($199.95)

Incase ICON Laptop Backpack

Some people are minimalists, carrying the bare essentials in a single-compartment bag (or even getting away with a clothing pocket). Other people need to carry a lot of stuff. If you lean towards the “stuff” end of the scale, the ICON Laptop Backpack is a great way to keep your gear organized so you can quickly access it on the go, at work or just relaxing in your local cafe or park. With versatile aesthetics that suit the office, leisure and travel environments alike, this pack can tag along wherever the day takes you.

Great for: organizing your work tools, weekend carry or travel gear so you can get to items easily without disturbing the rest of the contents…

AMPL Smart Backpack (from $249)

AMPL Smart Backpack

Like the sound of being able to charge multiple tech devices on the go? So do the folks behind the AMPL Smart Backpack, which is why they created a clever piece of carry to do just that. The backpack features inbuilt power so you can supply some much-needed juice when your gadgets are power-thirsty. The standard version charges smartphones, tablets and USB devices, with further options including extra batteries to handle your laptop too.

Great for: if you need a versatile bag that can organize your EDC or travel gear, while also providing on-the-go charging capabilities for your tech gadgets without having to remove them from the pack…

Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphone (from $249.95)

Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphone

Getting lost in music is a pleasure right up there with the best of them. Singing along, bopping your head, busting out crazy moves in the privacy of your home (or throwing caution to the wind and throwing some serious shapes in the middle of the street), it’s all good…until you’re yanked back into reality with a snagged headphone wire. However, that’s not a problem with this wireless headphone that partners with your Bluetooth device up to a range of 30 feet. The headphone features dual-mode Adaptive Noise Canceling, a 12-hour rechargeable battery and an inbuilt mic for hands-free calls.

Great for: Enjoying the jams without a pesky wire getting in the way and restricting your movement…



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