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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day Gift Guide

by , September 6, 2014

From almost the moment you are born, you are exposed to some of the most awesome carry you’ll ever encounter – dad’s arms. They carry you when you’re little and can’t keep up with his loping stride. They cart you to bed when your young and stubborn self stays up after bedtime and conks out on the couch half an hour later. They’re a sturdy support when you’ve overindulged in certain beverages that in hazy hindsight you shouldn’t have… and provide numerous other carry-related assistance that’s all part of growing up. And even when you’ve spread your wings and left the nest, it’s likely you’ll still have this particular kind of carry. Granted, in a different form, but still ready to help lift you over life’s hurdles.

There’s no denying that every dad is unique, and this is something to be celebrated. However, 7 September is Father’s Day in Australia and we’ve opted to embrace various dad stereotypes with a light-hearted carry-related Father’s Day gift guide. However, any day is great for an unexpected “Thanks for being you, dad” gift…

Mr Fix It Dad

When things break, he’s the man with the plan. Leaky tap? Dodgy floorboards? Wires making a break for it? Flat bike tyre needs changing? Benji the stuffed bear needs a life-saving op after that tussle with the dog? Not a problem for this plumber, carpenter, electrician and sewing maestro all rolled into one. He doesn’t abide by the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy – he’ll take it apart just to put it back together even better than it was before. The likes of the EH Works Essential Bike Tool Roll provides hands-free bike carry for this handy father and the Occidental Leather Pro Framer™ Tool Belt Set can haul a variety of tools, but why stop there when Mr Fix It Dad can take it to the next level with the Occidental Leather Builders’ Vest™ Drill Package?

EH Works Essential Bike Tool Roll, Occidental Leather Pro Framer™ Tool Belt Set & Occidental Leather Builders' Vest™ Drill Package


Drunk Dad

He passionately stands up for the hardworking man’s right to a refreshing beer after a long day…that is until he falls over after a six-pack of such beers. And then is informed from his horizontal position that he didn’t do a hard day’s work because he stayed home with a hangover from the night before. When he’s exiled into the garden because his intermingled singing and cursing is keeping everyone else awake at night, a filled WalnutStudiolo Spartan Carton can keep him company.

WalnutStudiolo Spartan Carton

Kitchen King Dad

Weapon of choice: blades. Proficiency level: faster than a striking ninja. Fallen comrades: an overcooked steak, bedraggled broccoli and an exploded potato – all gone but never forgotten as unforgivable failures which must be avenged through a life dedicated to the craft of cooking. This dad is a dab hand in the kitchen (and if he’s not, no one tells him so for fear of “accidental” food poisoning). So what better acknowledgement of his kitchen prowess than some sharp-looking kit for his strike team à la leather knife rolls such as the Goodson Leather Knife Roll or Linny Kenney Knife Roll, or alternatively the two-in-one Blunt Roll Apron which doubles as a knife roll and apron.

Goodson Leather Knife Roll, Linny Kenney Knife Roll & Blunt Roll Apron

Rocker Dad

Dads rock. Rocker dad rocks even harder – and those leather trousers he bought thirty years ago still fit him. Fact.The QWSTION Media Pack is a handy hauler for his vinyl records – you know, back when they made real music. The Whipping Post Arizona Arena Vintage Guitar Strap is also likely to hit the right note with this muso, letting him keep his axe right where it belongs – close to his heart.

QWSTION Media Pack & Whipping Post Arizona Arena Vintage Guitar Strap

Overprotective Dad

He may not have physically brought you into this world but he’s definitely going to make sure you stay in it. So what if you looked like a marshmallow with all the padding you were wearing the first time you rode a bike? Could you blame him for wanting to aim a swift kick at the kid who flattened you during that school sports match, or when he just happened to be nonchalantly doing the gardening (at night) when you came home after your first date? Well thanks to phone wallets such as the Incase iPhone Leather Wallet he can keep his phone at the ready for calling his beloved every day during their first overseas trip without parent supervision – plus some credit cards so he can drop everything and book a plane ticket for his darling at the slightest mention of homesickness. And when the kids are all grown up, studying at university, living in their own place, working on the other side of the world, bringing up their own family, well he’s just keeping in touch… If he can’t get hold of them at any hour of any day, how’s he going to know for sure they’re alive?

Incase iPhone Leather Wallet

Alpha Dad

A teenage rebellion shouting match? Alpha Dad’s never engaged in one of those. One look is all it takes to reaffirm that there’s one top dog – and sorry, kid, but it isn’t you. Maybe one day you’ll ascend to alpha of the family pack – when he’s 90 and you’re 60 – but don’t count on it. He carries the weight of responsibility and leadership on his shoulders – and bears the weight like a boss. That being said, sometimes it’s necessary to match your alpha with a similarly alpha piece of kit. Pieces such as the Killspencer Briefcase 2.0, the 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Backpack and the Skinth Plus pouch ought to get the job done in a suitably rugged and dependable fashion.

Killspencer Briefcase 2.0, 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Backpack & Skinth Plus

Forgetful Dad

So he may have forgotten to pick you up from school once or twice (okay, maybe a bit more than that). Perhaps on occasion he has stood in the queue waiting to pay for something and then discovers that having his wallet on him would have been pretty handy right about now. And let’s not forget the choice expletives on a semi-regular basis as he dashed out the door late for work because he couldn’t find his car keys. It’s not personal (yeah, right; tell that to 10-year-old you who still hasn’t quite forgiven him for being late to your school play – and subsequently missing your magnificent performance as third tree from the right). He’s just a tad forgetful at times. But you can give him a helping hand with a useful Field Notes or Moleskine notebook in a protective Inkleaf Leather cover, for jotting down important things on the go. Those keys will also be less likely to stray thanks to a Tanner Goods key lanyard or key ring lanyard.

Inkleaf Leather Field Notes and Moleskine Cahier Cover & Tanner Goods Key Ring Lanyard and Key Lanyard

Now grab a coffee/beer/choice of drink with your dad, watch this video and have a happy Dad Day wherever you may be!


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