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Carryology Classified: Join our Exclusive Community Today!

by , August 14, 2018

We are super chuffed and honored to see how our Carryology community has grown over the years. More and more are geeking out over all things carry, and we wanted to find a way for us like-minded Carryologists to come together and jam on our passions. So we’ve launched Carryology Classified, a digital hub where our community can unite and get geeky over everything from technical fabrics to carry hacks and personal carry loadouts, and score exclusive discounts, sneak peeks on upcoming projects, and so much more.

So just what exactly can you do in this group?

Answers and advice

If you have a carry-related question or need advice, this is the place to find answers and helpful guidance. Our savvy carry community features a broad range of enthusiasts, from collectors to designers and people just getting into the carry world. There’s always a chance to learn something new, share expertise, and benefit from others’ tried-and-tested carry experiences.

Exclusive first dibs, discounts and behind-the-scenes access

As mentioned above, Carryology Classified is also the place to enjoy sneak peeks of upcoming products and projects, including Carryology collabs. Additionally you’ll have the chance to scoop up limited edition patches, products and more, as well as enjoy exclusive carry discounts and giveaways from a variety of brands.

Share your passion

Want to share your carry collection? Spread the buzz with an unboxing? Showcase your honed tweaks and hacks? You’ll find plenty of people that understand your love of waxed canvas, your obsession with AustriAlpin Cobra buckles, or the true mastery of your personalized EDC setup. A community that will be just as excited as you are when a carry package arrives in the mail. A community that appreciates that new carry smell, and agrees that no, it’s not excessive to have ten packs in black multi-cam. Okay, maybe just a little excessive, but we won’t judge if you don’t…


Jamming with brands

Ever wanted to ask a brand why they designed something in a particular way or chose a certain fabric? What inspires them or any insights they might have for getting into the carry industry yourself? Carryology Classified will be hosting a variety of Live Q&As with brand heads, makers, designers, adventurers and more, where you’ll have the opportunity to ask those carry questions you’ve always wanted to know the answers to.

Swap, sell and buy

This is a big one, folks! It’s long been requested that a space could be set up for our community to buy, sell or trade carry. We’ve heard you, and have set up Carryology Classified as a digital hub for enthusiasts to buy, sell and swap carry pieces. From work-friendly messengers to outdoor backpacks, you never know what might come up or where. So keep your eyes peeled for awesome pieces popping up and the chance to score a bargain or two (especially for those who may be able to avoid pricey customs charges by finding a piece locally).


What’s on?

So those Q&As we mentioned? We’re kicking things off with a bang and true carry royalty.

Live Q&A with Mystery Ranch’s Dana Gleason: Tuesday, August 14th at 2 PM – 2:45 PM MDT. 

Dana Gleason is the man behind some of the most influential brands and innovations in the industry, from Kletterwerks and Dana Design (founded in 1975 and 1985 respectively), to Mystery Ranch (going strong since 2000). One of the most respected designers in the business, he revolutionized pack access with the 3-ZIP and has extensive experience creating bags for diverse spheres, from military and mountaineering use to everyday carry. We are beyond buzzing for this! Get the event details here and make sure you don’t miss out!


Live Q&A with GORUCK’S Jason McCarthy: Wednesday, August 29th at 2 PM – 2:45 PM MDT

GORUCK is known for its military-tough gear. Which makes complete sense when you learn founder Jason McCarthy is a former Green Beret who wanted to create carry that would take a beating and refuse to quit, no matter what you threw at it. Today the brand is synonymous with gruelling GORUCK Challenges, ridiculously rugged USA-made construction, and fostering a sense of community with a commitment to teamwork and service first.

Come join in the fun!

Carryology Classified is a place to make new connections, gain and provide advice and insights, possibly pick up that ideal piece you’ve had your eye on, or find a good home for a piece you’re no longer using. A place where experienced carry enthusiasts and those just starting out can come together and benefit from a shared passion. Come join us and get in on the action!


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