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Carry Jobs 2015

Carry Jobs 2015

by , February 13, 2015

Is the slog of doing the same old job day after day getting you down? Then it’s time to get out – and bag a new job doing something you’re truly interested in. Since you’re on Carryology, we figure a round-up of some positions that are up for grabs in the carry industry is a pretty interesting prospect. 😉

Perhaps you’re already in the industry but looking for a change of scenery or different challenges. Maybe you haven’t worked in the industry before but you’ve got transferable skills and experience, not to mention bucketloads of passion. Sound like you? Then one of these positions might just be yours soon…


If you love bags and enjoy delving into the details of what makes a great e-commerce store, Rushfaster have two positions that will make you want to drop the daily grind and hasten to shoot your CV into their inbox. If you’ve got mad IT skills let them loose and make awesome things happen as Rushfaster’s Full Stack Web Developer. Alternatively if you have a flair for picking great products and building solid relationships with suppliers, fellow colleagues and customers alike, demonstrate your smooth operating skills and you could be enjoying a new job as their Online Store Operations Manager.

Topo Designs

Products from Topo Designs always catch the eye thanks to their distinct colourways – but perhaps the company’s reputation for producing versatile and functional gear and the way they’ve really made a name for themselves has caught your attention too. If you’re keen to work at Topo and you’ve got an eye for design, their Designer position based in Fort Collins is definitely worth scoping out. Fancy getting more involved on the production side of things? Then the Denver-based position of Apparel and Accessories Production Manager is one to check out.


The team with the owl are growing fast, real fast (go sugar daddies!). As a result, there’s a ton of awesome jobs opening up at The Nest or The Barn, depending on which office you’re talking about…

If you crunch numbers like a boss, there’s a Data Scientist gig.

If you’re a design ninja and would jump at the chance at reinventing wallets and carry products to help the world carry better, the Product Design Engineer or Product Designer gigs might tickle you.

If you dig all aspects of digital design, get a buzz from understanding user behaviour and want to stoke customers with a brand that speaks directly to their needs and shares their values, all combined with a love of technology and a firm belief in paying attention to the details, the Digital Designer spot is a humdinger.

Oh, and there’s a Digital Manager opening too. So, yeah, lots of awesome spots. And the icing on the cake – you’ll be working in the same office as us 😉



Burton have been shredding through the action sports industry for over three decades now, with their bags and luggage traveling to far-flung corners of the world. Want to get in on the action? Well it just so happens there’s a variety of bag and luggage positions to dive into. If you think you’ve got what it takes to successfully execute product development for Burton Bags & Luggage then drop your credentials on their digital doorstep for a Developer role based in Burlington. You could have the role of Merchandising Manager in the bag if you can tell the brand’s story through compelling merchandising and marketing that will really connect with customers. If you shine at sales and are eager to take on the challenge of nailing global product strategy for Burton’s luggage and bags, stamp your name on the position of Senior Product Manager for Bags & Luggage.

Tom Bihn

You’re the industrial sewing machine whisperer. You can coax the best out of any machine. If they were living creatures you’d have a herd of them following you, eager to please – you’re just that good. In short, if your sewing skills are second to none, you’ve got experience using industrial sewing machines and there’s no way the words ‘mediocre’ and ‘stitching’ could ever be used in the same sentence to describe your work, Tom Bihn wants to hear from you. Show them what you can do and you can snag a job as a Sewing Machine Operator, Sewing Joiner or Bartack Machine Operator in Seattle.


If Seattle sings to your heart and the idea of working for one of the most respected names in the industry has your attention hooked, Filson may tempt you to make tracks for the Emerald City. If you’ve perfected pattern-making and boast strong sewing and construction skills, you could soon be calling yourself Filson’s Technical Designer for Luggage, Bags, and Accessories. On the other hand, if your mind loves the challenge of optimising manufacturing processes and enhancing product quality, the role of Soft Goods Manufacturing Engineer could be just the sort of position you want to engineer your way into.


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