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Motion Blue | Gravis

by , April 13, 2010

Motion Blue | Gravis

Now I love Andy’s posts as much as the next carry freak that sits here and drools over his detailed insights on what tips he has for ways to carry your stuff better. But some of us out there love to know what new items are getting dropped, what colors are ‘cool’ this season and who has worked with who to create a collection that will cost 30% more because it has a ‘name’ attached to it.

So I’ll be trying to get a few more posts out that will keep you superficial consumers up to date. I started the other week with the Incase Canvas Series, and rest assured my knowledge will go past bag collections eventually, but for this post we are showing the new Motion Blue Collection from Gravis.

And for complete transparency, I did the same post over at another site I post at, Empire Ave, last night. Some might call this laziness, others might call it being efficient, I just like the color blue.

The Motion Blue Collection is drenched in the color of the moment – Cyan. And apart from it’s fixation on the color is also drawing inspiration from the fixed gear world, hence the little chain ring embroidery on each piece and the selection of some of the pieces.

It’s a ten piece collection, but we only want to visit the bags here. And the collection include a carry on bag thats perfect for the planes, laptop bag that’ll fit your 15inch MacBook Pro perfectly and if you want to sling some stuff over your shoulder the way you should when riding your fixed gear, there is the duffle bag and messengers.

Available now at Rushfaster.


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.