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Specialist Carry | Kata 3N1-22

by , March 29, 2010

Specialist Carry | Kata 3N1-22

Another addition to the Specialist Carry topic – the Kata 3N1 – 22.

Recently updated to include a much needed laptop section, the Kata 3N1-22 is one of the better modular layouts we have seen. A sling setup allows easy access on the go, and the pack is designed to carry a DSLR w/battery pack and lenses. Feel free to throw in your flash, netbook and any personal gear that might be needed.

The pack can also be tweaked to suit any video guys amongst you..

We’re kinda digging the whole 3N1 thing the pack has going on – this pack can be configured as a sling for right or left-handed use, or as a backpack. Ensuring that back and shoulder pain are no longer an issue, the 3N1 features two straps which can either be used in the standard backpack setup or crisscrossed for an “X” position. Genius.

Side Notes:
We have a few thoughts about how this pack could be improved. We may be tripping, but we still figured they’re were worth putting out their…

Accessing on the go: The crazy folks at Decathlon have invented a pretty rad backpack system that lets you swing the pack around to your front. It’s like the Kata idea, but IMHO a bit better. Check out the Decathlon Reverse One system for accessing on the go (apologies for the cheesie vid link).

Tripod Carrying: This is presently a bit of a compromise, as your bag access is limited when you attach your tripod to the front of the pack. They should check some of the cool ski carry systems for improvement ideas.

Family style: We think Kata must have recently employed a new designer, ‘cos the new stuff is looking 3000% better than the old stuff. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

Specialist Carry | Kata 3N1-22


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