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Incase x Chinatown Soccer Club

by , April 30, 2010

Incase collaboration with chinatown soccer club

Soccer and the USA have a funny relationship. It has been the most popular recreational sport for boys and girls for 30 years, yet you rarely hear peep above the roar of baseball, basketball, and the other football. You might even say it’s a closet sport, made shameful by the fact that it was invented by those weird English folk.

So Incase are trying to bring soccer out of the closet, teaming up with a loose-knit group of creative professionals living in New York. They go by the name Chinatown Soccer Club (CSC), and they are no strangers to big-name collaborations.

For this collaboration, CSC teamed up with Incase to create a soccer bag tailored to the needs of the player. With soccer such an integral part of their daily schedule, the bag had to be focused enough to accommodate any soccer equipment the athletes need to carry, but also versatile enough to accommodate gear they may need for work immediately following the friendly morning matches (don’t all designers and ad crew have 17″ Macbooks?).

The bag is made out of durable and lightweight sailcloth and features a padded notebook sleeve, waterproof ball compartment, removable shoe bag, and padded shoulder straps for the bike commuters.

It’s a great looking bag, that is bound to both raise the soccer acceptance level, and win a bunch of recruits for the Chinatown Soccer Club. Good stuff Incase.

Soccer bag profiles

Incase soccer bag


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