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Gifts for the Traveler

Gifts for The Traveler

by , December 9, 2015

The Traveler exists in many forms. The businessperson plane-hopping from meeting to convention to hotel buffet. The explorer in search of the world’s unsullied wonders. And the adventurer with their pack slung to their back bubbling with the effervescent signs of wanderlust. But what do they have in common? The need for the right carry – so they can roam more freely and traverse the world more voraciously. The below gifts will certainly help with that…

ExOfficio Give-N-Go Sport Mesh 6″ Boxer Brief (from $14.90)

ExOfficio Give-N-Go Sport Mesh 6″ Boxer Brief

Odor-resistant, quick-drying, breathable, lightweight and moisture-wicking…pretty much everything you want out of your travel underwear.

Great for: …keeping your packing to a minimum with a fast wash-dry-and-go approach while staying comfortable on your journeys.

Travel Towels – Youphoria Sport Towels (from $14.99) and ECOdept Journey Towel set ($28.95)

ECOdept Journey Towel set and Youphoria Sport Towels

Normal towels are bulky, but these travel towels pack down into small spaces, making them perfect for squeezing into that last remaining gap in your bag. Combine this with fast drying and great absorption and you’re all set for soaking up the H20 wherever the adventure takes you.

Great for: …ensuring you’ve always got a towel handy without getting weighed down and sacrificing a significant portion of your packing space.

Tom Bihn Organizer Cubes (from $25)

Tom Bihn Organizer Cubes

Always having to rummage for the little things in your bag gets old, fast. With these versatile organizer cubes from Tom Bihn you can keep small items contained and within easy reach.

Great for: …using as a dopp kit, organizing your power cables or ensuring a host of other items don’t find their way to the deep, dark recesses of your bag, forcing you to mess up all that time-consuming packing.

ExOfficio Give-N-Go Tshirt (from $26.02)

ExOfficio Give-N-Go Tshirt

This useful tshirt boasts the same travel-friendly features as the boxer brief above, allowing you to pack less thanks to a quick-drying and breathable construction that washes easily and dries fast during your trip.

Great for: …facilitating pared-down packing and accommodating a range of climates.

Road Warrior Travel Adapter ($27.99)

Road Warrior Travel Adapter

This universal adapter is small, lightweight and transforms into eight different configurations, allowing it to be used almost anywhere in the world.

Great for: …keeping your devices charged on the go, while avoiding a bulky and hard-to-pack design.

Anker PowerCore 15600 External Battery ($28.99)

Anker PowerCore 15600 External Battery

Don’t have a mains power supply handy? Not to worry. This external battery offers multiple charges for a range of devices thanks to its 15600 mAh capacity.

Great for: …providing the freedom to roam while enjoying peace of mind that you can give your gadgets a power top-up as needed.

Duckworth Vapor Tee ($49.98)

Duckworth Vapor Tee

Constructed out of a mix of merino wool, cellulose and polyester, this tshirt is odor-resistant, naturally cooling and fast-wicking – perfect for those outdoor treks or taking in the sights on sweltering city streets.

Great for: …staying cool while getting active on your travels.

Kindle (from $49.99)


Entertainment at your fingertips in a slim and easily-packable design. Thanks to a choice of Kindle options to suit your needs, you can make the most of your travel downtime with ebooks, music, videos, useful apps and more.

Great for: …packing a whole host of entertainment into a lightweight and highly portable format. There’s a certain romance and comfort in the feel of traditional books – but it’s hard to fault an entire library at your disposal in an object that weighs less than your go-to paperback.

Bellroy Travel Wallet ($119.95)

Bellroy Travel Wallet

All your important travel documents in one easily-manageable wallet that slips conveniently into your back pocket. No need to panic about where you stored your boarding pass and launch into a frantic unpack in the airport security line. Sounds nice, right? Well that’s what this wallet delivers.

Great for: …reducing travel stress by keeping items such as your passport, tickets, cards, cash and even a micro pen all together and easily accessible in a sleek and organized wallet.

OUTLIER New Way Shorts ($120)

OUTLIER New Way Shorts

Smart enough to be used in diverse settings, and rugged enough for getting active. Built to be the only shorts you’ll need on your travels, you can run and swim in these, or partner with a shirt for more formal environments.

Great for: …only having to pack one pair of shorts that offers great versatility, with flexible use as stylish urban wear or hard-wearing workout gear.

Tom Bihn Synapse 25 ($235)

Tom Bihn Synapse 25

Lots of pockets for organization, large enough for minimalist packers to use as their sole bag on short trips, or alternatively a functional and handy daypack for use at your destination. This is a versatile all-rounder that will suit various travel needs.

Great for: …using as a day bag during your trips, keeping your travel items neat and tidy or embracing the one-bag travel challenge.

OUTLIER Slim Dungarees ($198)

OUTLIER Slim Dungarees

These can shrug off spills and light rain, dry quickly if they do get drenched and feature a smart-casual design that has you covered for a variety of travel environments.

Great for: …packing one pair of pants that can be worn in restaurants, on hikes or even during business meetings if you’re traveling for work.

Tumi Pax Patrol Packable Travel Puffer Jacket ($195)

Tumi Pax Patrol Packable Travel Puffer Jacket

This puffer jacket keeps you warm on your explorations, but goes a step further by also converting into a travel pillow when you want to catch some Z’s. Cozy and clever!

Great for: …if you want a packable and lightweight jacket that still offers good warmth, plus the added bonus of snoozing comfort when you’re traveling.

Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones ($299) or QuietComfort 20 in-ears ($299)

Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones and QuietComfort 20 in-ears

Traveling can be a noisy business…but luckily with these noise-canceling headphones and earphones, you can still enjoy your favorite tunes on the plane, train or striding down the street.

Great for: …making travel more fun and enjoyable by blocking the world out and immersing yourself in music – and if it happens to drown out the snoring passenger next to you, even better.

GORUCK GR2 ($299)


GORUCK’s trusty GR2 is large enough for multi-day trips, tough enough to handle demanding travel environments, and opens flat for quick and convenient packing and access to gear. Plus it’s suitable for use as a carry-on bag, meaning you can skip the baggage collection delays and get on with exploring your new surroundings.

Great for: …if you’re looking for a hard-wearing backpack that provides plenty of pockets, compartments and webbing for organization. Durable and carry-on compatible, you can travel the world with this pack.


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