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9 Amazing Bags Available Now

9 Amazing Bags Available Now

by , October 24, 2011

killspencer-weekender (660x330)

9 Amazing Bags Available Now

Last week we worked with High Snobiety to help create a buyer’s guide for them based around bags – backpacks, messengers, weekenders, etc. Pretty rad fun to be honest; it was like we just threw together our wishlist haha. Peek it all below and let us know what you’d like to buy or what you think should have been included…

So what do we think is happening in carry right now? A whole lot of heritage. Probably too much. It’s letting brands strip features off and sell carry products for more, often with a total disregard for any of the functional lessons we’ve learned in the past 40 years. Which is a pity, because done well, a heritage vibe can be neat. It gets the focus away from straps and features, and back to great textures and fabric interest on a clean silhouette. There’s also a resurgence of tactical, which is showing up more in an EDC vibe, but that has been swamped by the heritage thing.

In terms of formats, roll-tops, fold-tops and half-fold bags are everywhere. Designers are stoked to get away from zip openings which have dominated since forever, but we’re going through a bit of overkill with the roll-top thing. They often create an opening that is hard and slow to use.

If you want a bit more of a classic format, helmet bags and weekenders are entering more brands’ lines. It’s a nice change from the standard totes which were the new black for the previous couple of years, adding a bit more manliness to your carry.

So that’s enough yap. What should we be buying right now? We’ve tried to pick out some carry gear that represents some of these vibes, but won’t leave you feeling like a victim when strawberry shortcake pink backpacks make a return.


Mission Workshop VX Messenger

The MW guys are killing it. After setting up and then selling Chrome Bags, they’ve continued on evolving their ideas into some really sweet formats. Their Rummy Messenger has started a format that will be copied by many, and now their Advanced Projects range takes this format to another level of fabrics and finish.

mission-workshop-vx-messenger (660x330)

Tailfeather Nightjar

On the opposite end of the tech spectrum is Tailfeather, a tiny craft brand based in the cold parts of Australia. The Nightjar covers a triple layer canvas in a big whack of top grain leather. Super clean and minimal, this messenger nails it on the details.


Teddyfish Bleu 1.5

A small fold-top with a tube opening, the Teddyfish takes a basic small messenger and just nails the details. A heavy washed canvas with latex dip and sweet strap placement, this French brand is moving from simply quirky to simply rad.

teddyfish-bleu (660x248)


Topo Designs Daypack

If you’re really keen to get into the whole heritage backpack vibe, do it with something that’s good quality. Topo Designs keep it simple but make it well, sell for around a hundgie, and have color options.

topo-designs-daypack (660x330)

Goruck GR-1

Sure, this is not new for this season, but the Goruck GR-1 is building an incredible cult following for stripping back the EDC/Tactical thing to just the minimum, while taking nothing away from that functionality. It’s bomb-proof, versatile, and should be broken in like a good set of jeans.

goruck-gr1 (660x330)

Lexdray Boulder Pack

Taking a form that feels familiar (from packs like the Visvim 20L), the Boulder pack takes the EDC vibe to a crazy new level. With pockets for every toy you’ll ever want to carry, the Boulder mixes nylon with leather and neoprene to give you multiple shades of black.

lexdray-boulder (660x344)



This is one of those bags that the more they work on it, the more they manage to take away. It’s available in a number of materials, and is made about as well as a bag can be.

killspencer-weekender (660x330)

Hard Graft Square1 Holdall

Hard Graft’s influence in the carry world is mega. Their 2Unfold has influenced countless fold-over shoulder bags, their leather and felt look has helped create a felt shortage around the world, and this is their new duffel, which as always has a few tricks up its sleeve.

hardgraft-campfire (660x330)

Buco Helmet Bag

While they rarely actually carry helmets around, helmet bags work great as an oversized tote for hauling your daily bits. This Buco version is not at all subtle, but it does fit the vibe of your vespa and dainty moustache.



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