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Wooden Carry w/Haydanhuya

by , October 4, 2012

Here’s a fun one that popped into our inbox recently…

Haydanhuya make wooden carry objects in Istanbul Turkey. So straight away we have to say, yep, we agree…wood is getting radically overdone in sunglasses and watches and all things accessories. And at first we thought this was a bit that way, but then we dived onto Gokhan’s website and discovered a world of the Flintstones, with whimsically naive curved carvings that make you smile.

There are details in there too…

Check the way the leather closure divides cards and cash in the wooden wallets. Or check the in-and-out closure for the Woodclutch, acting as a gusset as well as a closure. Or there’s the old school radness of the Woodgrip Big, which would make you the hippest video guy out there if you ran with that on your dSLR.

This is not efficient carry. This is just about smiling, and chuckling, and sharing delightful moments with crew that might appreciate your crazy carry choice.

Haha, I’m still chuckling even at the end of writing the post…

  • http://www.mustacheandmohawk.com Mustache and Mohawk

    Love this. Simple, elegant and functional.

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  • http://www.haydanhuya.com Gökhan Eryaman

    Hello everyone, My name is Gokhan,
    the founder and maker of HAYDANHUYA wood things.
    I really care about the functionality and test these products for a long time before
    launching them on our website.
    So I promise to refund all of your payment without asking any question,
    if you do not like our wallets after trying for 15 days.

    I also would like to thank to “carryology” for having us here, and publishing this comment.
    best wishes

  • Adam

    Where do I buy this wallet?

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Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.