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EDC Keys: Product Giveaway (3 of 3)

by , January 25, 2013

The third and final EDC Keys post.  We figured there was no better way to end it than with a good old fashioned Carryology Giveaway filled with some of the best EDC items we covered in the previous two posts.

So we reached out to some of these amazing brands behind these products, and they generously agreed to sponsor this giveaway.

What’s up for grabs?
Two EDC Prize Packages.

Prize Package #1
- Bellroy Card Sleeve Wallet (brand new and super slim, perfect for EDC)
- TEC Accessories P-7 Suspension Clip
- TEC Accessories Inchworm (Titanium!)
- TEC Accessories TEC-S3 Stainless Steel Glow Fob
- TEC Accessories Python 28mm Clips, 3 pack
(just released on Jan 2013 / a stronger and more secure option to the McGizmo clips)

Prize Package #2
- Munroe Knives Mega Dangler (Titanium, non-anodized, raw finish)
- Huckberry EDC Kit which includes: (1) Freekey, (1) 7-in-1 Survival Pod, (1) Screw Key set, (1) Tiny Lighter

How do you win?
We’re making this one nice and easy…

Upload a photo that you’ve taken of your own personal Pocket Dump via Instagram or Twitter , and use the #Carryology hashtag in your comment (maybe even follow @carryology on instagram ;) ).  Simple as that.  It doesn’t matter whether your current pocket dump is absolutely amazing, or if it needs a tons of work.  If it doesn’t have the #Carryology hashtag, we can’t select you as a winner, and that’s a bummer.  We’ll be picking two winners at random from the hashtag entries, then sending them off one of the two prize packages (we’ll flip a coin to see who gets prize pack #1 and #2).  Once the two winners are randomly selected, we’ll share some the pocket dump photo entries here with you.

Here’s an example of how a correct pocket dump submission would look via Instagram (note the #carryology hashtag on the bottom right)…

The contest will begin today (January 25th, 2013) and run for 1 week, announcing the winners on February 1st.

Make sense?

Thank you to the amazing sponsors who made this giveaway possible.  Go on, take a look at their sites, they all stock some great EDC gear and carry accessories.
TEC Accessories
Munroe Knives

Good luck and happy pocket dumping!

*UPDATE:  The contest is now over and the winners have been announced.  See all of the Reader-Submitted Pocket Dump Photos here.

  • Scott

    I’m new to the twitter thing… does it matter if it’s #carryology vs #Carryology?

    • Scott

      nvm figured it out…

      • Taylor Welden

        Either one will work, no problem

        Good luck!

  • Dean Grove

    So im curious, by dump your pocket do you mean literally dump my pockets ? Because I never ever walk around without a bag so obviously, my daily “normal” load would be a bit bigger. Also I never carry wallets and or keys in my pockets.

    • Dean Grove

      pockets = pant pockets

    • Taylor Welden

      Hey Dean,

      Whichever you’d like to do is cool with us. A full on EDC bag dump or just a few of your super essentials.

      We’ll accept whatever you’ve got.

      Looking forward to seeing everyone’s entries.

      • Dean Grove

        Cant figure out instagram i think,buuuuut here it is.

        Is the tag set correctly :P ?

        • Taylor Welden

          Spot on perfect, Dean.

          You got it.

  • Johnson

    I’m in! Good luck everyone!

  • Taylor Welden

    Getting in touch with Munroe Knives….

    Hey all, it looks like Munroe will be making an update to their site once they return from Las Vegas. I’ll post an update once their emails are back up and working!

  • jake

    what if your instagram is private? will i need to take that off or will i be fine?

    • Taylor

      Great question Jake…

      Not 100% sure on that answer.

      To be on the safe side, you can just email me your submission directly, and I’ll mix it into the entries.

  • ivan

    when will the results be announced?

  • paul

    Have the results been announced?

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