Do It & Carry It – Chapter Two

by , August 14, 2013


This week’s Do It and Carry teaches you how to double the humble beach towel as a clothes satchel, using some Velcro and a piece of rope.  You might be thinking hey, Tom Sawyer did that back in the day with the old bag on a stick trick, but he wasn’t this crafty. No timber usage here.

If you have any ideas for hacks, DIY, etc – let us know in the comments. But for now, kick back for five and enjoy…

Video by Astrid & Sirio
Music by Löhstana David – Quand je serai grand

Do it & Carry it – Chapter Two. from Carryology on Vimeo.

Do It & Carry It is a new series of clips produced by Carryology showing how you can use everyday items to help carry in unique ways. This is the second cab off the rank, remember the first one?





  • Dean Grove

    I don’t know why, but everything about the design of the Bag reminds me of Ikea.

    But I do like the simpless here (again).

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