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Carry Awards

Best Work Backpack Finalists – Carry Awards

by , December 17, 2012

So after a LOT of submissions, including from a selection of awesome industry vets, we have our first short list – Work Backpacks. We’ve had to cull a very long tail, but the below bags all got votes and respect from a broad base.

In keeping with the interactive nature of these awards, we now open this short list up to voting again. If your favorite work backpack didn’t make the short list, see if there is another gem that you’d like to support. To recap, a good Work Backpack should look great in an office. That generally means restrained and not too techie. It should also be comfortable on the commute to and from work, and travel well when air flight beckons.

With that in mind, let’s dive in…


Work Backpacks – The Nominees

While several Mission Workshop backpacks were nominated, it’s the Arkiv Field packs that our panel is most impressed with, bringing extra versatility and banging looks to a very customisable package.


The Incase Premium is something of a return to their classic Nylon backpack. With just a little more in the way of organizing, you get a significantly more usable pack with storage for all your tech and office toys.


There was never any doubt that the Goruck GR1 would be in this list. It’s already a cult bag, it had a million billion votes, and the only issue was what category to put it in.


The Lexdray Boulder 2.0 is a slightly revised Boulder for 2012. They’ve ironed out some of the niggles from the first generation, and it’s making for a solid pack.


The Qwstion Daypack can play as a tote, an attache, or a backpack. The large main compartment works great for travel, and new colorways help you stand out while fitting in.

The Bedouin Delireis was something of a wild card, as it’s only just seeing the light of release now. However when the semi-cult UK maker collaborates with one of our core contributors, the results need to be shared.


Our final nomination is the Cote&Ciel Isar. It’s dramatically soft sideways form turned heads when originally released, and now an update to hardware, details and colorways wins hearts.


Vote below for what you think is the ‘Best Work Backpack’.

Voting has closed and winners have been selected. Check out the winners here. 

  • AA

    While I love my GR1 it doesn’t see much use as an office bag. It’s too large and heavy for that. Never mind that the back panel is rough enough to abrade clothing (not fun finding that out) . I prefer one of the smaller GR bags for the office like the echo.

    Still, voted GR1.


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