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Carry Awards

Best Work Messenger Finalists – Carry Awards

by , December 17, 2012

Our second Carry Awards shortlist is for Work Messengers. These are the single shoulder solutions for hauling your office life about. They generally take either a traditional satchel or briefcase format and add comfort, or take a bike messenger format and add pockets for your tech. Either way, they should look styling and restrained.

Once again, we’re opening this shortlist up to voting, so if your previous nomination didn’t make the cut, you have a chance to back a new winner…


Work Messengers – The Nominees

While KILLSPENCER nominations were split between their Business Messenger and their Briefcase, we think it was the way that the Briefcase makes small messengers manly again that won over the most votes.


78% are winning a strong international following for their modernist take on some classic formats. The Gustav mixes asymmetric interest with solid functionality for a great small work messenger.


Bedouin just oozes that classic British eclecticism that can make old fashioned feel fresh, and fresh feel classic. The Barbary has the silhouette of a modern messenger, but with a timeless feel and incredible details.


Mission Workshop have not stopped innovating since their launch, and the VX Messenger shows it. The VX adds a more premium feel to their roll-top format, which makes it prime for workplace or your daily commute.


With the Defy Recon, you get repurposed military fabrics, top-notch components, and a company that will do every thing it possibly can to make sure you love your bag.


The Property Of… Tommy Work bag gets lots of details just right. From oversize zips, to elegant darts and generous fabric weights, it gives a classic look with modern updates.


Each award category needs a semi-wildcard to keep things interesting, and for Work Messengers it’s the Globe-Trotter Future Attache. While not massively practical, it is massively impressive, with arresting looks and old school cachet.


Voting has closed and winners have been selected. Check out the winners here. 

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  • Peter Park

    So, after scouring this site, I’m leaning towards Mission Workshop’s Rummy (VX version), but the thing is, I’m not a biker, and that’s what makes me hesitant to actually buy one. Is this bag suitable for non-bikers? Most of the time I’m in work clothes (button-down shirt with slacks and leather shoes), and I’m wondering if this bag will go along with that kind of outfit.

    Then again, I’m also thinking about more professional styled bags that’ll go along with business attire + coats…

    Ahhh so many options!


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