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Carry Awards

Best Check In Finalists – Carry Awards

by , December 19, 2012

Wheels on luggage were a revolution. Then 4 wheel spinners were a revolution. Then getting rid of wheels and returning to backpacks was a revolution. Now crazy heavy old cases that need a porter to move them to your private jet is meant to be a revolution.

No matter how you see it, there are more options than ever in luggage, and our nominees show it. From casual to formal, from outdoor to airport only, you will find both a format to suit, as well as an emotional connection to inspire.

Please, help your favorite win the gong…

Tumi Tegralite Large Trip

With the Tegra Lite range extending right through to bulletproof attache cases, this collection is becoming a spearhead for Tumi. With their spinner, you get a new staple for the corporate travellers, and a very solid contender for best Check In.

Samsonite Cosmolite Spinner

A sculptural telescoping handle, a case design inspired by clam shells and ribcages, and solid all round features put Samsonite’s Cosmolite into contention. It’s getting harder to split the options, but we think our audience will have very valid thoughts.

Patagonia Black Hole Duffle

From the company that has done more than almost any to educate around eco, we get a diverse, flexible and really well considered duffel to haul and abuse on any adventure you can muster for.

Rimowa Salsa Air

While lots love the look of the Rimowa & Moncler, and others love the new softer tyres and smoother handle on the Salsa Deluxe, lightweight has won with the nomination of the Salsa Air. There has been very accomplished weight savings in this range that we think should be recognised.

Bonastre 48 hrs

One of the most exciting carry brands to emerge in recent years, Bonastre create play both with formats and leathers. Their bags are delightful in the attention to simple details, and their 48 Hrs is a great example of this.

VSTR Nomadic

The only bag we’ve ever rated that comes with its own hammock, VSTR takes the youthful exuberance of its surf roots, but adds a maturity that makes it more classic. The Nomadic will go most places you want it to.

Black Diamond Demon Duffel

For around $80, you get a big space to cram all sorts of gear, haul it on your back, or tuck the straps away and check it in. There are lots of bags like this, but few that are as nice to use and as easy on the pocket.

Voting has closed and winners have been selected. Check out the winners here. 

  • Des

    The VSTR is sick. Can it be considered cabin luggage as well or brought in to cabin overhead?

    • Des

      just checked the dimensions, no way it would be considered cabin luggage :/


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