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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 4 May

by , May 4, 2013

Source: http://willleathergoods.com/shop/bags/la-manta/#prettyPhoto

Though there’s more than a few cycle brands in this Week In Review, the bags work just as well if you’re traveling via two feet rather than two wheels. We’re checking out a smart safety addition to cycling messengers, a backpack offering from a runner up in one of our Carry Awards and packs that are suitable for hauling down the highway on your Hog. Plus we have an eye-catching messenger and a smart-looking camera bag thrown in for good measure…

Bright idea

Source: http://www.blaqdesign.com/Pages/Content/Post.aspx?postId=204

You get lights for your bike but how about a light for your bag? A few brands have cottoned on to the fact that this is a pretty nifty idea, one such brand being Portland-based Blaq which offers messengers that feature a built-in flashing Electroluminescent strip. Utilizing two AA batteries, the strips flash for up to 60 hours and are available in a choice of colors. At the moment Blaq is offering the lighting on their messenger bags but EL panniers and backpacks are on the cards.

Making tracks into the wider world of carry

Source: http://www.trakke.co.uk/product/krukke-harris-tweed

Trakke came second in our Carry Awards Active Messenger category but we’re not checking out a messenger this time. Instead it’s their Krukke backpack, which features a Harris Tweed and Waxed Cotton outer with a 1000 denier Cordura lining. The pack has a volume of 27 liters, with a front pocket that’s large enough for A4 documents, a zip pocket for smaller items, as well as side pockets. If you like the style but want a cheaper option, you can opt for the 14 oz Waxed Cotton version.

Packs that rev it up a gear

Source: http://www.bikeexif.com/motorcycle-backpacks

Source: http://www.bikeexif.com/motorcycle-backpacks

If your version of ‘bike’ involves less leg power and more engine power, this list of motorcycle backpacks might be just the thing to inspire you to add to your carry collection and hit the highway for your very own road test.  You can also check out a bit more about the first brand in the list here (it’s a different model but both packs are by Kriega).

Spreading the upcycling message

Source: http://willleathergoods.com/shop/bags/la-manta/#prettyPhoto

If you like your carry with a splash of color and a good dose of uniqueness to it, the La Manta messenger from Will Leather Goods may be the sort of thing you’re looking for. The messengers are constructed out of surplus military canvas, found vintage Mexican blankets and found vintage belt straps. If you like a certain degree of organization in your messengers then this may not be for you but if having something far removed from mass-produced bags is appealing, the La Manta may win you over.

Image isn’t everything – but compromise isn’t bad

Source: http://www.couvertureandthegarbstore.com/Product/?p=6165&i=6994

So you’ve got your camera equipment all ready to go but your boring camera bag isn’t leaving you feeling particularly inspired in the creative department. The Outdoor Code camera bags might change your perspective on camera carry, adding a touch of style to a category where functionality often overrides aesthetic appeal (which is understandable but not a necessity). The different sizes accommodate various cameras and accessories (find out more here) and each bag comes with a removable padded liner to help protect your equipment.


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