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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 13 April

by , April 13, 2013
Source: http://www.freshnessmag.com/2013/04/09/brooks-pickwick-backpack/

Source: http://www.freshnessmag.com/2013/04/09/brooks-pickwick-backpack/

Are you a tech lover wanting carry for your gadgets? Perhaps looking for some gentlemen’s carry or a stylish cycling/EDC pack? Maybe you have a favorite bag but would love it to have more organization options. This Week In Review we’re shining the spotlight on all of the above…

Creating calm from chaos

Source: http://www.carryology.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/coucou-bag-organizer.jpg

So how about a bag for your bag? Well coucou has you covered with their bag organizer which is designed to do exactly what it says on the tin – organize the chaos of your carry interior. A particularly handy aspect of the bag organizer is that you can place it in a range of bags, so perhaps a tote for the day or a handbag for night, a weekender for a quick getaway or a messenger when you’re out and about.

Canadian carry for Apple fans to get their teeth into

Source: http://wearemodako.com/

If you love Apple tech gadgets as much as you love carry, moda:ko may be just what you’re after to add a touch of color to your EDC. The Canadian-based brand focuses on carry for your iPhone, iPad mini, iPad and MacBook Air. The items are handmade out of a variety of textiles and feature quilted padded linings and a range of patterns to choose from.

Wrapping up the problem of cable clutter

Source: http://www.etsy.com/listing/126651764/cordito-cord-wrap-that-holds-3-cables?ref=shop_home_active

Returning to the theme of organizing, if you’re tired of finding your cords locked in an epic battle for supremacy every time you open your bag, a cord organizer might be sounding rather appealing right about now. The Cordito cord wrap from This Is Ground is constructed out of leather and holds three cords and two plugs. A simple and stylish means of carrying your tech cables that keeps things neat and tidy and in the same easily accessible place.

Multifunctional glasses carry

Source: http://www.travelteq.com/Pocchiali/Navy

If you’re looking for a suave storage space for glasses, Travelteq’s Pocchiali fits the bill. Handmade out of Italian silk, the Pocchiali comes in a choice of eight color combinations and doubles as a pochette. Is this going to protect your glasses from impacts? Obviously not, but then that’s not the purpose (think avoiding scratched rather than smashed lenses). All that style comes with an impressive (read ‘wince-inducing’) pricetag though – €60 (just under $80) – but you’ll certainly look dapper while you wince. 😉

Cycling chic

Source: http://brooksengland.com/catalogue-and-shop/bags/Cycle%20Bags%20&%20Accoutrements/PICKWICK%20Backpack/#sidecontents

Brooks is keeping things slim and chic with their Pickwick backpack, a roll-top made out of water-resistant cotton with waterproof zips and Brooks leather trim. The pack has a concealed additional compartment and secret pocket on the back. The backpack is designed with cyclists in mind and the chest strap helps keep things stable while cycling. It’s important to highlight though that there is no internal structure to the bag so if you’re after a bag with some rigidity then look elsewhere. Also if you’ll be traveling in heavy/constant rain, invest in a rain cover for the bag. Even if you’re not a cyclist though, it’s got a rugged sophistication to it that makes it a good-looking option for urban EDC use out and about or in offices with a laidback to smart-casual vibe.


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