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An Easter Week in Carry | 27th April

by , April 27, 2011

An Easter Week in Carry | 27th April

To start your day back in reality (it’s been a five day long weekend here in Australia) we have some interesting, carry related stories we found over the last seven days. What did we find? How about a cement laptop bag? What about some neat tips on how to carry/pack for carry-on when airporting it? Either way, there’s probably something in this little bag of mixed lollies that should get you ready for our three day working week!

Basically this is just a section where we can talk about anything carry related that really piqued our interest thru the week. This week kicks off a couple from twitter, facebook and a bunch of other sources. Read on for the weekly update of what’s been happening in the carry world…

1/ PPC Cement Laptop Bag (via Dieline)

Like to look tough? Maybe carry a cement bag around as your messenger. Kinda love unique ideas like this, wonder if you get charged excess with it (dad joke #winning)

2/ A great article about Bike Messengers and their relevancy over at Wired

3/ Some interesting tips on how to carry better for your next airport so you avoid any excess charges (via Mens Health)


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