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Rushfaster | Carry Retailers

by , June 3, 2013


Living mostly in Australia, we usually look with envy at all the great businesses IN OTHER COUNTRIES. We’re only little, so mostly we get ignored. Rushfaster are good, on a global level. They have a great site with easy navigation and loads of bags, wallets, and carry product.

Another reason to really love them is they are one of the few online retailers that are stocking QWSTION, Hard Graft and Seventy Eight Percent – all generally hard to find brands online (we don’t count their own site) at the moment. Add those three to the long list of other Carry Brands and you can see how you lose hours just browsing through their site.


Now while we’re sitting trumpeting the Carry prowess of Rushfaster, it leads us to a bigger question…

Who else is a great Carry Retailer?

We’ve covered a few here and there and we know of many more that we should be covering. But as we move towards trying to give you guys a better catalog of retailers to visit, we really need to ask – who are we missing? Who should we include?

We’d love it if you included your favourite Carry Retailer in the comments, if they’re great we’d love to get in touch with them and help expose and share them with you guys. The overall goal is try to build a great catalog of Carry Retailers that we can all share and shop with.

  • http://www.coroflot.com/TaylorWelden Taylor Welden

    Huckberry.com is developing a killer Carry section of their store, looks like we’ll see even more brands added here soon.

    Would love to hear some other input too.

    • M.S

      Huckberry definitely has some cool stuff and good deals. I have been subscribing to their newsletter for quite a while now, but they only ship to America which sucks!

  • Trans Pacific
  • http://lodgegoods.com Chad

    The Lodge is a new carry retailer in the U.S. with a focus on Made in USA.

    We like it but we’re biased, because we work there.

  • Paul

    (based in Melbourne, Australia) stocks bags from;

    Defy Bags, Herschel, Incase and Moleskin

    No affiliation, just a happy customer of some of their stationary. I head over to their website at least monthly to nearly buy a Defy Bags First Class Messenger. Just haven’t pulled the pin yet.

  • http://www.carryology.com/ ando

    I love Vic2 (also Japan based): http://shop.vic2.jp/category/326.html
    You’ll need a translate browser (or to speak the language), but they have loads of carry.

  • Dean

    I live in Canada, so while I may not be as limited as you folks over in Australia, I’m still often stuck with limited options, and usually just bite the bullet when customs fees are involved.

    That said, the following suggestions are for you people in Canada.

    In Toronto there’s a store called Te Koop (www.te-koop.ca). They already have quite a catalogue of bags, but I’ve noticed that it keeps expanding. I go to them for brands such as Qwstion, Barbour, Filson, Hanpu, Property Of, and Whillas and Gunn, just to name a few.

    Nomad (http://www.nomadshop.net/), also in Toronto, carries Cote et Ciel, Filson, Makr, and Commes des Garcons products.

    Due West Clothing Company (http://dwndclothing.com/, Toronto again) used to carry Seventy Eight Percent and Jack Spade products, but I don’t see them listed anywhere on their website, so it looks like they might not have them anymore. It’s been a while since I’ve physically checked in the store.

    When I purchase from international sources, I tend to buy directly from the maker, but my main exceptions to that would be Kapok (www.ka-pok.com) and Nordstrom (www.nordstrom.com).

    I’m half hoping to learn of even more sources on here; it’s my wallet that’s putting up a fuss. Damn Carrylogy, I now own dozens upon dozens of carry-related products because of you guys…

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  • gfenner

    I purchased a Hard Graft Flat Pack Heritage ($375 USD) after ordering a new 13″ MacBook Pro late in October of 2012. A month ago I noticed that the leather was cracked . . . through the material in one of the corners. Pls note all I carry in the bag is the laptop with no power cord since I use it to clear TSA w/o the need to remove the computer. I wrote Hard Graft detailing the problem that was accompanied by a photo and a request for them to kindly support their product. Below are excerpts from their reply.

    “Thanks for your message, I’m as surprised as you are about this tear in the leather
    and I can honestly say hands down that it is absolutely not due to a defect in the
    product or weakness in the leather . . . but I know how annoyed you must be after using
    the bag for a year now . . . I can only imagine that something has caught onto and torn the leather from the outside
    whilst traveling . . .”

    I will poke my eye out with a stick before I do business again with a company that attempts to shift blame to their customer, and lacks the integrity to stand behind their products.

    Caveat Emptor



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