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by , July 5, 2013


Incase have just opened an interesting store in Seoul, Korea. It’s the first of a kind in Asia and is located in Apgujeong, Gangnam with a total retail area of approximately 120 square meters – not huge, but not small either.

The store’s design has a strong focus on functionality and flexibility to be able to showcase Incase’s wide range of bags and accessories or to convert into a space for cultural programming and workshops as an extension of Incase’s commitment to lifestyle and culture. One could easily imagine Apple-influenced events happening – genius nights on how best to use technology with Incase products. But I’d like to think there’d be more music and art exhibitions happening in there, kinda like a cultural hub in Seoul – fits in with recent activations from Incase.

It’s a nice-looking store nonetheless and we will probably be seeing more of these pop up if this one proves successful.








  • M.S.

    Cool store, would love to visit Seoul because they have some other amazing stores there as well!

  • Solomon

    but no flag ship store in U.S.

  • G A

    Actually, I saw one of these in Medellin, Colombia last month (early June)… not sure how long it’s been open though.

  • GA

    actually, now that I think of it, I’m not sure if it was an incase or a Carry Logic boutique… either way, they look nearly identical inside.


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