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by , April 30, 2013


Hmmm, this is a little out of our general scope of what we’d post about. But it’s pretty interesting and might get you thinking about what setup best represents your current living location. UNDSCVRD are a rad little online store that loves carry, bags and sharing the best brands with anyone who stops in for a look.


The idea behind the look book is pretty simple. UNDSCVRD receive a lot of questions from men around the world on which bag they should choose. So, to help, the lookbook has been created to show them how they can style their looks/bag. The idea is to inspire them and take away the stigma of the ‘man bag’  ever since that episode of Friends. Thanks, Joey…  😉


The one thing we really love is how they’ve paired up looks with locations – Hong Kong, New York, etc – and what they think would be a great setup if you were living around those parts. Not something that you need to take literally, but it’s a good bit of fun. And fun is good. :)

You can view more over at UNDSCVRD.

Madison-Ave_UNDSCVRD_SS13 Singapore_UNDSCVRD_SS13


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