Happy Holidays!

by , December 24, 2013

It’s the holidays! Time for family, friends and fun times. Not blogging and being a geek on your computer all day, but we do hope you guys got some nice carry items from Santa! (Wish list?)

We do hope you guys have some downtime with your loved ones lined up and are all about having a great time away from work and the general stresses in your life.

We’ll be back to your regular viewing on the 2nd January (don’t worry, we’ll have a post here and there for you in the meantime). With which we will kick off 2014 with some news about the 2nd Annual Carry Awards!

So in between now and then, get your party on as we celebrate the close of one year and the beginning of a new year. Enjoy!

And thanks for checking the site, hopefully you’re digging the new redesign. Stoked to have you all a part of what we’re building here. Big things planned for 2014 and we’re amped to have you guys a part of it.

Psssst – you got any ‘Carry Resolutions’?


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