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by , September 23, 2013


Early on, we decided Carryology should be targeting quality not quantity. We want to offer insights, which means fewer posts that go into more depth than most blogs do. The downside to that is we don’t get to share LOTS of carry products, details and imagery that we come across. Enter Pinterest.

We’ve started filling an album chock full of carry, and we thought it was about time we shared.

Use it for inspiration, research or just plain carry candy. And if you have some awesome crew we should be following, please do leave a comment. But right now, go spend the next little while drinking in all the carry candy we’ve found over the last while – Carryology on Pinterest.


  • mikelite

    finally, a reason for me to be on Pinterest

  • Rawmin

    Nice collection. Thanks for sharing.

  • theo

    where can one obtain that j. campbell doctor bag?

    • ando

      Have you tried clicking on the link on Pinterest? Should work. Or do an image search.

  • theo

    i did and i did.

  • Jean

    It’s like you all knew that I was unhappy with not many posts, and you made this happen right before I thought of losing intrest on this site… Thank you!!

    • Ando

      Yeah, we’ve been a touch quiet because we’ve been working on THE MOST AMAZING SITE OVERHAUL you’ve ever seen. Give us a month or so and we’ll get you stoked…

  • alex

    nice pinterest you guys, gotta wipe the drool from my keyboard now.
    you oughta pin a KnappSack on there at some point!

  • ando


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