How do you carry?

by , June 28, 2013

We wanted to capture how a city carries. Good carry gives you the freedom to roam, explore and experience. And in a city like Melbourne, where we’ve shot it, you get to experience four seasons in one day, so the carry is equally diverse.

So kick back for two minutes and enjoy…

Carryology hasn’t played with video much before. But that was before Astrid and Sirio arrived. Astrid and Sirio are Italian designers who have landed in Melbourne for a working holiday. They reached out to us, we jammed, and we now have some sweet little projects to share, starting with this video.

Oh, and if you’re keen for your own little video or project, ping us an email and we can put you in touch with Astrid and Sirio.

  • John

    nice, does anyone know what the first bag in the movie is?

  • The Binh

    Dear creators,

    you just made me realize, that this highly individual topic of carrying stuff is affecting nearly everybody in our world. We all have to carry some beloved or essential daily needs. And it is quite relieving, that there seem to be many, many more people who are obsessed with the beauty of carrying in dignity.

    I can now continue striving for the perfect bag (which may still have to be made).


  • Nawksi

    Unlike mobiles, cameras, or running shoes, there aren’t any particular brands that will absolutely dominate the market. However, it’s safe to say that because it’s Melbourne, there’s a of Crumpler bags, and then throw in some Herschel because people don’t know better.

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  • Priyo Wibowo

    bag is always be my passion, i always try to find that fits the needs, and off course it takes me to another adventure on finding the perfect bag for every occasion


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