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Carry Classifieds?

by , October 8, 2012

Howdy Carryologists.  You asked us, via email, page comments, text messages, and carrier-pigeon-Morse-code-smoke-signals, for guidance in where to find used carry products or sell your old packs, and so here we answer…

Our most recent message comes from Jason, a reader we’re stoked to have.  He was telling us how his Boreas Bolinas backpack just wasn’t 100% perfect for him and his work/grad school lifestyle, “I don’t do enough outdoor activities to fully utilize the bag’s potential”.

“I feel like someone can use it to its potential. But I have NO IDEA where to sell it. Boreas’ brand name isn’t big enough to go on Ebay, so I was wondering if you guys knew of any marketplaces out there where I could get something like $100US for a bag like this”

Jason also followed up with, “This isn’t a criticism of your review, though. I agree with 90% of what you said about the bag and you guys have some amazing content. It just wasn’t right for me.   If you have any advice, that would be excellent! If not, thanks for putting out some great content about great carrying devices.” Thanks Jsson!

As mentioned, we have received a lot of similar messages like this.  So we did some serious research, reached out to our networks, and relied upon our personal experience.  Below are some awesome options for buying/selling new/used carry and gear on the internet.

The Carry Classifieds list:

1.  Ebay (www.ebay.com).  There is always Ebay.  But as Jason mentioned above, it is not always perfect.  We can’t go without mentioning it, though.

2.  Craigslist (www.craigslist.org).  If you’re in a big enough city with a population who is really into gear, you might be able to get top dollar for your item, or score something really killer for a low price.  I imagine some places in Colorado/Idaho/Utah would be incredible for some finds.  Maybe you can even meet a gear-addict friend, too.

Now, here are the cool ones…

3.  Gear Trade (www.geartrade.com).  A solid, well-respected site that is dedicated to buying and selling gear.  This is probably the biggest and best site out there for gadgets and some great carry items.  Even though it is the biggest and best, you still have to get lucky, as this whole thing is still a niche.

4.  Trailspace (www.trailspace.com/forums/classifieds).  Another niche site, all about connecting gear-heads with fellow gear-heads.  We haven’t personally used this site, but it seems to have a lot of listings and gets positive reviews.  More gear than carry it seems.

5.  Style Forum (www.styleforum.net/f/32/buying-and-selling).  My personal favorite, secret gem.  This isn’t really “gear, gear” per say, more dedicated toward men’s fashion stuff, but you’ll often see some amazing carry items appear on these forums.  I’ve seen an Acronym bag, a few GORUCK backpacks, one or two Visvims, and even a Kletterwerks rucksack on here.  Sometimes you’ll even discover some odd products made only for the Japanese markets, too.  Seriously hard impossible to find items, for less than new prices. That combination is a rare treat.  Enjoy.

Do you have any buy/sell/trade resources to share?  If you have anything that would be a good addition, leave a comment, and we’ll add it up on here for future reference for all Carryology readers.

…and drop us a line if you score anything great using the sites above, we dig hearing stories like that.

Lastly, what would you all think about a dedicated Carryology buy/sell/trade section?  We’ve been thinking about it a lot, but moderating it may take a lot of extra time, which we don’t have very much of.  Let us know what you think.

(PS. If anyone wants to contact Jason directly about his used Boreas Bolinas, we’ll send him your email address to put you two in touch / we will remove this message if he tells us he sold it Jason’s Boreas Bolinas has been SOLD!)

  • Andrew

    edcforums.com is another option. It is heavily slanted towards everyday carry items like multi-tools & knives, but you should have luck buying/selling some of the more tactical bag brands like GORUCK. I believe there is a waiting period of 30 days and a 15 post minimum before the Buy, Sell, Trade forum will be visible to new members.

    On a semi-related subject, here is an open question that I’d like to ask all of the bag addicts out there: If you don’t plan on selling or giving away old bags what do you do with them? Do you just have a pile of unused bags sitting in a closet or have you found more creative uses for bags that you don’t actively carry? I’d love to hear stories from users who have found unusual ways to put their bags to use.

    • Taylor

      Hey Andrew,

      Thanks for reaching out! We shot a message to the owner of EDCforums, but he told us he didn’t want any more exposure to his forum since it is too busy right now, if anything he wanted less exposure. Weird request, but we’ll roll with it!

      Good question on the “old bags” thought. For me… all my bags get a lot of use. I’m constantly traveling and trying to perfect my carry quiver with different brands and products on a weekly basis. It is also a type of collection hobby for me, I’ll admit. I love softgoods, and I’ll just grab a pack, and inspect it for 20-30 minutes before putting it back, for construction/materials research and insight, etc. My bags that I use for travel are all hung up on a wall, usually filled up with sleeping bags or other light material, to fill them out visually. When its time to use one, I pull it down and head out. I don’t think any of my heavy use bags sit on the ground or in a corner, they’re all displayed on the wall. As far as other bags and their uses. These admittedly don’t get used too much. I’ve designed a lot of camera bags in my past, and that means I’ll have a prototype, or a final production unit because I worked on it. Camera bags are great, tons of organization, and they’re padded. So I will store sensitive electronics in here, in the closet, etc. Another camera bag backpack is under the trunk floorboard of my car, acting as a hazard kit will all sorts of items. Its a backpack too, in case I’m ever stranded a good distance out, need to dump the contents of the car hazard kit, to go for a long walk to carry something back. One old messenger is used just for computer cables and hardware. I build my own computers, so there is always an extra fan or two laying around. The last thing I can think of, though I’m sure there are more, is a big duffel to hold all of my bicycle parts. I’m always tweaking my bicycles, adding parts, removing old ones, etc, so this duffel is a perfect way to organize the madness. Side note, none of my bags are just collecting dust in a pile… they all have a use, whether it is daily carry, travel carry, activity-specific carry (bicycling/Camelbak), etc. They only get switched over to this “storage use” if I think a family member, friend, or stranger wouldn’t really find them useful. That being said, I just donated about 20 backpack prototypes to a local homeless shelter and the town of Bastrop, TX after the massive fires swiped out so many homes… so they could carry around their daily necessities. (That idea is still a work in progress, I’d like to start a charity of sorts which people donate carry items to homeless and/or disaster relief persons in transition… still a work in progress).

    • Julia

      Some I give to family or friends. Some hang out in my closet.

  • http://www.northofsoutheast.tumblr.com Rick

    I would definitely be interested in a Carryology classified section. Just saying.

    • Taylor

      Very good to know. Glad there is some interest. Thanks Rick.

      • Julia

        me too

  • http://www.HiImDean.com Dean Grove

    In german ebay I haven’t ever find a single bag I was interested in 🙁

    • Taylor

      Heya Dean,
      It never hurts to try different international eBay locations if you’re really after something special. I used to be really big into modifying rare SAABs, and finding really rare parts in the US was practically impossible. I used to scour eBay Sweden, UK, and Germany… translating as I went. It may not be a perfect method, but it sometimes works great. Additionally, international shipping might not be too insane because most carry items only weigh a few kilos.

  • Becker

    Boreas is now being sold in Canada at Mountain Equipment Co-op. This means huge brand recognition soon, at least up here up north. I’m been waiting…
    MEC is a not-for-profit that works for members and they have a great online gear “swap”.

  • JD

    So what’s the product information for the black bag on the right of the Carry Classifieds image? Gracias.

    • Taylor

      Hey JD,

      Thanks for the comment!

      The bag on the far right is from a company based out of Germany called ACRONYM. That particular product is called the 3A-8TS. Estimated cost is about $600-$800 (insane). Wish I had more information on their products for you, but they never (ever) respond to emails. Since I can’t discover much else about it, it certainly looks cool, but I’m sure there are better options out there that are just as cool but 25% of the price.
      Still, great looking though, eh?

      • JD


        Thanks for such a detailed response although I’ve come to expect such from the great Carryology crew:). The current project/hack is adding about five MOLLE straps to either side of the Uncrate x Topo Designs Light Daypack. I like the sleek look of the black cloth, but the bright orange zipper pulls have since been removed. http://topodesigns.com/blogs/in-the-wild/15522001-topo-x-axs-folk-technology-daypack I prefer a slim multi-purpose pack for work and travel. Updating the strap system will accomodate a modular system for water bottles, etc. The ACRONYM bag is the closest thing I seen to my idea so far. At such prices, their rate of return must be quite good…

  • Daniel Moncada

    I would be interested in buying his BOREAS Bolinas bag. I have the MUIR thirty but Im in need of a work horse with a top loading, roll- top style. THANKS!

    • http://www.coroflot.com/TaylorWelden Taylor Welden

      Send us over your email Daniel, we’ll forward your message to the seller.

  • Randy

    I’ve also had some luck with selling a couple of Filson bags on flipso.com via Facebook. Maybe you guys could work together in some way.

  • Ernie Q.

    Anyone interested to buy my brand new black backpack water-resistant, Made in California, USA good for bikers & commuters


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