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A Carry Survey | Results

by , March 2, 2011

What do people carry in their bags?

Results from a survey on bags and their contents

You can view a larger version of the above image here.

A little while ago, we posted about a survey Matt Grandin was running on what people carried. Thankfully a bunch of crew participated, and we’ve worked with Matt to showcase some of the more interesting results so far…

We could blab a bit about these results, but Hadrien seems to have done a pretty good job of communicating them visually, so we’ll keep it short.

Keeping it short: It seems we’re 20-something boys that carry Oakley backpacks in cities as we get around by car hauling our electronics which unfortunately squash bananas.

If that doesn’t sound like you, perhaps head over here and sway the results a little more in the direction you think they should go. The survey is still running, and the more people participate, the clearer picture we will all have.

Oh, and thanks for sharing Matt. I certainly agree that most bags struggle with food!

  • http://www.sygyzy.com/ David

    I didn’t know what I was getting myself into but I just finished the (long!) survey. Very cool, I hope to see updated results.

    • http://www.bellroy.com ando

      Yeah, there’s lots of good info that Matt is sharing. We’ll try and cover a few more of the findings in another month or two. Thanks for completing it David… the more the better!

  • Miyo

    Maybe it’s time for a carryology post on better ways to carry bananas???

  • NAS

    I love your infographics. who does them?

    • Ando

      Hadrien is a crazy talented carry designer who plays with drawing things like infographics and comics in his spare time. He also massages, has a black belt in Aikido, and surfs pretty insane. Yeah, we feel pretty lucky to know the guy…

      • Robyn

        I also love your infographics! Does Hadrien have a website or some other place I can admire his work?
        Also, I love your site. I am researching a bike bag to purchase and your site has been extremely helpful. Thanks a lot and keep up the great work!

        • Hadrien

          Hi Robyn,
          Thank you so much for so much attention.
          I might be able to combine your love for carry product and infographics. Most of my work is spread between carryology and bellroy.com that you should check out. I do the product design and lot of other arty projects.
          Hope you had a wonderful week end.

  • http://www.imawesome.de Dean

    Yeah, I wonder what Bag I should get for groceries. Currently I use my Chrome Metropolis, but that thing doesnt do well with heavy stuff.

    Love your blog and would love if you try finding a good grocerie shopping bag.

    • http://www.bellroy.com ando

      If you’re after a simple market tote or two, we’ve reviewed a bunch back at: http://www.carryology.com/2010/08/12/market-totes/

      But from the sounds of it, you’re after something to deal well with weight, which means you should look at the trekking brands to get a semi-structured pack with a solid waist belt. This will let you take the load down onto your hips and reduce the old shoulder fatigue. The pack needs a little structure to it, because just having a padded waist belt is not enough – the pack needs to ‘stand up’ on the waist belt to take the load off your shoulders.

      Try brands like Osprey, Macpac, Deuter and REI for something with a wide opening and a good spot high up for the crushables (like yummy mango). If you’re in Nth America, we’d recommend MEC in Canada or REI in the USA for the best value. If you’re somewhere else, Osprey is the most universal good brand.

      Does that help?


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