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2012 > 2013

by , December 31, 2012

Yeah, so we haven’t posted much in the last week… It’s Xmas, time for family, friends and fun times. Not blogging and being the geek on your computer all day. Although we do hope you guys got some nice carry items from Santa!

Hopefully you guys have been enjoying some down time with your loved ones, having a great time away from work and the general stresses in your life.

We’ll be back to your regular viewing on the 2nd January. With which we will kick off the start of 2013 with the results of the 2012 Carry Awards – the elves have finished their tallying and it’s just a day or two away from us letting the cat out of the bag. So in between now and then, get your party on as we celebrate the close of one year and the beginning of a new year. Enjoy!

And thanks for checking the site. Stoked to have you all a part of what we’re building here. Big things planned for 2013 and we’re amped to have you guys a part of it.

Psssst – you got any ‘Carry Resolutions’?

  • http://www.HiImDean.com Dean Grove

    My “Carry resolution” is to actually make my own Bag. As this site sadly isnt seeming to do a tutorial, im gonna try my best to do make one.

    Im thinking a cheaper version of the Recon.

    • Rocke

      It’s possible, but first you will need a industrial sewing machine. Rebuilt or brand new, and something that can handle up to size 208 thread. Even though you may only use size 69 or 92 for tarp material. Don’t buy anything from eBay that claim industrial grade or industrial strength , or any vintage singer sewing machine. These will not last what material you put through and may take longer to sew, fix, or repair.

      • http://www.HiImDean.com Dean Grove

        So you are saying my trusty old sewing machine wont be good enough ?
        I got a Pfaff Hobbymatic 800, its not the best probably but I at least hoped it could deal with a material of normal thickness.

        I don’t need to do it with the thickest,best Material. For messenger bags its more about design than useability for me, specially as I only need it to carry around some paper and a pen most of the time during University.

        And time isnt an issue,lost my Job so I do have the time :/

  • jeff rubin

    resolved: i will snag one of those Defy Bags backpacks when they hit market, to go with my amazing First Class messenger!


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.