Year of the Pig Snout

by , January 30, 2012

Year of the Pig Snout

Heritage has flooded the world with pig snouts. The little leather lash tabs are everywhere, with most users not even knowing what they are for. So we figured it would be fun to have a look at the basics of lash tabs, and share a few examples of them.

White Mountaineering.

The classic lash tab was a leather patch that lets you pass a bit of webbing through it, and then fasten items to your pack. It lets you run a minimal weight, with broad flexibility. The outdoor crew soon started making them from hypalon and plastics and all sorts of tech, but with the return to all things grandpa, leather (and imitation leather) is once again the material of choice.

They can be run with vertical slots (pig nose), horizontal slots (letterboxes), or 4 way slots (windows).

Topo Designs


Up There

Beams Plus x Kelty Vintage

And of course their are variations to the pig snout look. Here’s a couple…

Rivendell Mountain Works


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