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osprey cyber backpack review

Osprey Cyber Backpack :: Video Review

by , November 11, 2016
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Step into cyberspace with Chase Reeves and delve into the details of the Osprey Cyber Backpack, a commuter pack designed to organize tech and work tools when you’re on the go…

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Reader's Review

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  • Brad

    eh…never thought I would say this but bring back Vinjabond. At least he sits still and rattles off a big list of gear. This gentleman was easier to stomach as Father Apprentice.

  • demuredemeanor

    Intro is pretty annoying (as he is in general). Felt like he was insulting viewers a few times, like his remark 2:30…

  • peterpan

    Hi, I have a question concerning this pack. It seems like it’s falling over the whole time – can it be made to stand up straight when the “butt pocket” is filled with something?

    • TeamCarryology

      Hey @peterpan, sorry, we don’t think there’s a way to make it stand up without leaning it against something. It’s a very curvy bag.

  • Brad

    First Trump gets elected and now Carryology removes comments that conflict with their vision, or perhaps just call into questions their choice making. Coincidence? probably. Embarrassing, most definitely. I’ll post it again just in case 🙂 “eh…never thought I would say this but bring back Vinjabond. At least he sits still and rattles off a big list of gear. This gentleman was easier to stomach as Father Apprentice.”

    • TeamCarryology

      Hey @disqus_bbEU5osmtZ:disqus, we always welcome comments (and criticism), but we’d appreciate it if you keep it constructive.

      • Brad

        Agree in principle though I think civilly mentioning one’s personal distaste for content is at least mildly informative to the editorial staff because perhaps my feelings are echoed by others. In fact, the TOP comment in this thread is in line with mine and I would say a good deal less constructive too.

  • Nat Jones

    Argh!!! Had to turn off after 2 minutes. Why cant the presenter talk like a normal human being. So damned annoying. Please Carryology either get him to tone it down or find another reviewer. We look at your site for solid, impartial reviews… not some sort of tweeny entertainment vibe

    • campirecord

      I just want to point ou that I love the review, first few seconds are a bit harsh but then the self deprecating humour is great. I’ll take this review over some ninja boy who couldn’t cut it for the tactical squad. The bit about the 30 knife choice to open an amazon box LOL. What commuter goes around with a knife if he is plane train and commute.

      • Basa 1959

        You need help you really do. He says nothing of value tehreby making is self deprecating style iof no value. It’s a review site give us information or don’t bother. The delivery is a personal style granted but facts like the material etc would really help to draw a person in rather than him bang on about his personal self – ego maniac.

        • campirecord

          Thank you, I rest my case.

          • Basa 1959

            Rest your case for what…you comment makes no sense.

    • Basa 1959

      I’m with you if he actually said anything of worth and had any intelligent comments I probably would have stuck with it, but between his inane drivel and the lack of information, which i might point out is the whole point of a bloody review, I ask what is the point. So I echo your sentiments.

  • TeamCarryology

    Hey @disqus_OP60MYqQGj:disqus, @demuredemeanor:disqus and @disqus_bbEU5osmtZ:disqus. Thanks for commenting. Your opinion has been noted. We obviously love what Chase brings to Carryology (as do a lot of our readership) and so we’ll continue to publish his work. That said, we’re happy to take any constructive feedback. So, what would make these reviews better?

    • Brad

      I can only speak for myself but I am really only put off by the delivery; it is far to jittery, for lack of a more concise description (and that could just simple be a matter of taste). I think his cadence and the tone of his approach is hard for some people to latch on to. It is not that he does not present relevant, and even insightful information about the bag, but it gets lost amongst all the yuk yuks.

  • Ando

    Comedy is polarising. One person’s LOL is another’s cringe. I can’t think of any comedy that transcends all tribes.

    For me personally, I love these reviews. I spend my life getting crazy detailed and geeky over carry goods, and the occasional Chase video is one of the best ways to stop myself taking it all too seriously.

    If the humor isn’t gelling with you, but you still want to see the review, try speeding the video up. With YouTube videos, there’s a little cog in the bottom right of the screen. If you speed Chase up to 2x, you might at least get a laugh out of him talking really fast.

    Oh, and thank you Chase for volunteering your time and putting yourself out there. You bring smiles to many of us (and inevitably frowns to a few).

  • Basa 1959

    He needs ritalin. never told us the size, the material it was built out of frankly the worst review I have ever viewed in over 20 years. The lack of information is astounding.


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