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New Chrome Bags | Brigadier & Yalta

by , November 19, 2010

New Chrome bags | Brigadier and Yalta

Every bag nut is familiar with Chrome. Their big buckled messengers and styling roll-top backpacks helped usher in the urban cycle cool look that so many are running with today. So how have Chrome gone since the original founders (Bart Kyzar and Mark Falvai) split? Ummm, OK…

We’ve seen Chrome putting more attention into their footwear, retail roll out, and broader accessories. There has not been much action in the bags stable, so it’s great to see 2 new backpack models launched. So how are they looking?

They seem to have pretty bomber construction, there’s some neat materials they are running with, and their aesthetics are sorted. The downside is that there’s no real sophistication or innovation in the patterns, closures or features. When you see the steps that Mission Workshop are now making in innovative ideas (with Bart and Mark at the helm), it just seems like a slightly wasted opportunity.

Having said that, the price-points are great (US$120-140), and the bags seem to have pretty large capacities. They are simple, no fuss roll-tops that should protect your gear for not too crazy amounts of coin.

It’s good to see Chrome working on bags again 🙂

  • Alex

    It’s not a new idea, but this looks like a neat and simple new pack, wear it as a single strap messenger, or go for the double strap if it’s a heavy load. I think both straps are removable to make it more suitable for air travel. nice simple idea.

    Worthy of a dedicated post?



Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.