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Bergans Pack

by , October 14, 2011

Bergans Pack

Have you ever wondered what the first patented backpack looked like? Here’s a peek. In a very nice surprise this morning, we opened up our inbox to an email from Johannes Flem who works at Bergans of Norway (you familiar with Bergans? they invented a crazy high tech backpack – they, being, Ole F. Bergan) Come take a peek…

Below is the transcript of the email…

“The pictures are from our company museum and the pack is a “Bergans Original” from 1922. It is based directly on the first (as far as I know) patented backpack carrying system, dating from 1909.

I walk past this pack every day and often stop to admire the work that Ole F. Bergan put into the design of it. It’s so cool that there existed – in 1922 – a backpack with free shoulder movement and adjustable shoulder strap spacing. Certainly inspiring for a backpack designer.

Shout out if you want me to snap some more pics –we’ve got backpacks on display from 1908(…) and up to now (and well into the future). And keep up the good work!

(Oh, and in case anyone was wondering why the British Army refer to their packs as a “Bergan pack” –well now you know.)”

We’re going to try to get some more images of their whole museum.

  • http://brackenworld.blogspot.com Jackart

    Of course any British soldier would be able to tell you this! In British English (is there another?) ‘Bergan’ now means ‘military rucksack’.

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  • Kane

    Where can I pick up their stuff? Their hunting bags seem pretty amazing, but I’ve not been able to find any photographs of their backs and straps. Their catalogue claims that the backs and hipbelts are “ventilating mesh”. Curious to see exactly how ventilated they mean!

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