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Winners of the EDC Keys: Product Giveaway

by , February 5, 2013

Wow.  You guys are awesome.  We had 97 photo entries for our EDC Keys: Product Giveaway, and each pocket dump entry is more interesting than the next.  We spotted some really creative and curious stuff out there.  In the next few days, we’ll be posting all 97 entries for you to salivate over, since they’re all so good.  But in the meantime we’ll feature the two winners here, both picked at random (we downloaded all the entries into one folder, opened them in preview image viewer, cycled through them at super speed with our eyes closed holding down the arrow key, randomly let go of the key, and when we opened our eyes, the image on the screen is the one we picked).  Congratulations to the two winners and to everyone who took the time to enter the contest.

@gatogatogato (Twitter submission) from Zurich, Switzerland.

Nice and simple, which actually worked out really well.  Love the look of those keys (we don’t have that style over here… but I vaguely recall using that style of key at a hostel in Zurich years ago).  Our first winner will receive the following items from Prize Package #1 to add to their currently uber-minimal EDC setup: Bellroy Card Sleeve Wallet, TEC Accessories P-7 Suspension Clip, TEC Accessories Inchworm (Titanium!), TEC Accessories TEC-S3 Stainless Steel Glow Fob and TEC Accessories Python 28mm Clips, 3 pack.

@theat0m1kmonkey (Instagram submission) from Wisconsin, USA.

The wild card.  What a fun/crazy EDC get up.  Is that wallet handmade?  Lots of visual pop.  Our second winner will receive the following items from Prize Package #2 to add to their uber-interesting EDC setup: Munroe Knives Mega Dangler (which seems to be the last one in the world at the moment…be patient everyone!) and the Huckberry EDC Kit (which includes: (1) Freekey, (1) 7-in-1 Survival Pod, (1) Screw Key Set, (1) Tiny Lighter).

Again, thank you to everyone who participated as well as to the brands who were generous enough to sponsor this giveaway (Munroe Knives, TEC Accessories, Huckberry, and Bellroy).  We have more giveaways just around the corner, so keep an eye out, these will features some serious quality carry items that you’ll want to get your hands on.  Stay tuned for all 97 photo entries EDC pocket dump follow up post coming up in the next few days, some real gems in this lot.

  • rfb

    Congrats to the winners!

    @theat0m1kmonkey: If you don’t need that Mega Dangler let me know, lol

  • gato

    Happy to see my picture here – very cool to win this package! :)
    Please contact me for my mail address.

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