Buyer’s Guide for Teenagers :: School and Skate Park

by , February 1, 2013

So we thought, hey let’s do a buyer’s guide for teenagers related to school and skate packs! What does Carryology know about being a teenager? Our contributors all used to be teenagers but that’s not really relevant for today’s youth. How did we get around this problem? In the interests of bringing you a first-hand account, telling it like it is, we captured a teenager and got him to compile it for us. Okay, we didn’t capture one. Lewy Wright came into the office for some work experience and was kind enough to put together the guide below…


No teenager wants to walk into school or out of the house with an oversized lunchbox featuring piping around it strapped to their back. A teenager actually wants something that looks presentable that they would be happy to take to a job interview but which they’d also rock up at the skate park wearing.

DC Knackpack Backpack

The DC Knackpack Backpack is a great bag for school and/or a casual bag. Personally I use it for skating and surf; it can fit all your skate accessories but I can also fit my wetsuit and a small towel inside.  I like it for skating because when skating between spots you want something comfortable, compact and light. This backpack exceeds in the compact and light department. If you are lugging this backpack around all day you’ll get rubbing from the straps. The seatbelt webbing is not exactly as comfortable as a hiking bag. This pack also has a place to clip on a reflector or a light. I usually just snap a snapback on it if I don’t want it to get crushed. If you wish to travel with this backpack you can take it onboard or roll it up and store it in a case next to the wheels of the airbus. If you want to see a broken computer use this bag without a case on your computer. It has zero padding and nothing is worse than rocking up somewhere and having a hole in your new laptop.

Interested? Buy it now.

Herschel Heritage Backpack

This is a smart-looking heritage pack for school, work or casual use inspired by vintage mountaineering equipment. This pack is made from Herschel’s signature coated cotton-poly fabric and an eco-friendly reinforced bottom, fully lined with Herschel custom fabric. The pack also has a padded back panel, an internal phone pocket and 15” computer or iPad pocket (or even for storing an old school book). According to customer reviews a lot of people are complaining this pack wore out and is shit but then there is always someone replying with “I’ve had mine for months and it’s holding up fine”. What makes this bag different, you may be asking? Well to be honest it’s just a nice bag. It’s not exactly going to revolutionize the world of carry, although if you want a smart-looking, compact backpack this is for you.

Interested? Buy it now.

Dakine x Thrasher Atlas 25L 

Thrasher has been around for quite some time. Founded in 1981, they teamed up with Dakine to make a pack for skaters who want something stylish and functional. This black ninja stealth backpack with red Thrasher and Dakine logos is pretty low-key, although it has some handy features: fleece-lined sunglasses pocket, skate carry strap, front and side pockets and a large main compartment with a rad custom Thrasher lining.

Interested? Buy it now.

Incase x Paul Rodriguez Skate Pack

Paul Rodriguez is an amazing skater and a four times Xgames gold medallist, so when he designs a backpack with Incase you know it’s going to be very skate-friendly. This backpack is jam-packed with features such as weather-resistant nylon, skateboard straps, a sternum strap for conformability whilst skating from place to place, heavy-duty YKK zippers, two main compartments, a wide batch of interior slips for easy sorting, 15-inch laptop protection and two stash pockets simply to stash. The two large compartments are a cool idea for skating with T-tools, extra wheels, bearings and trucks, etc. However as a day-to-day backpack I think it would get annoying having to fit stuff in two compartments as opposed to one large compartment.

Interested? Buy it now.

  • Edward

    Being a teenager, I carry my MW rambler to school, but I don’t imagine I’ll see anything around the mw/goruck caliber anytime soon here.

    It’s safe to say that at least 50% of the backpacks at school are Jansports, but Herschels are starting to pop up because of their image as the hip heritage/fashion packs. Honestly, most teens really don’t give much thought about their carry options aside from looks.

    But a Jansport is really all teens need for school. That being said, one might require “specialist” carry, like the aforementioned skaters, but I doubt the school environment will ever spark any sort of rising carry awareness or indulgence that we see here on Carryology. The occasional drizzle/shower won’t drive kids to revamp their carry. Brands like incase may provide convenience through organization, water resistance, and looks, but the psychological price barrier will stop most from taking the jump to $100+ rucks and messengers. Fashion is the final word in teenage carry.

    • ando

      Haha, yeah, we reckon you’re cutting a step above with a Rambler at school. Good stuff.
      The introduction of laptops to more schools is slowly changing carry needs, especially when groms can be a bit careless, but we agree, overall – looks win.

      • Edward

        Concerning laptops, what I usually see is most kids buying extra laptop bags or cases rather than finding a bag with a built in sleeve.

        But as you said, the introduction of technology at schools will certainly change the carry needs of most students, possibly evolving towards more tech-orientated, but slim/small packs.

  • ryan

    Shout out to a great Brown Buffalo pack: The Mondaze

    Love this bag. Carries great and has pockets for everything you need.

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