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Road Tests :: 31Trum Document Wallet

by , August 8, 2012

31trum? What more can you say, it’s handmade leather products that are cut, punched, saddle stitched and branded from a kitchen bench in Ealing, UK. These are passionate products from Jason Watkins, a printer who could not find a wallet that suited his needs, so like all real men, he made one (yes, sewing is about as masculine as it gets now).

31trum has begun by making a name in some inner circle cycle blogs/forums. Some custom product was made for whoever needed it. From there it seems that things have grown and now some staple products are being offered. A number of weeks ago I picked up one of his document wallets – how did it go?

First things first, the leathers are great. I opened the package and was hit with a knee-bending waft of cow skin. This is definitely not vegan-friendly product! The combination of soft pebble grain leather with the thicker tighter-grained back looks and smells great. A real pleasure to handle.

The stitching is thick, hand sewn and done with care. Basically you can tell it’s a labor of love.

The push through studs and punched holes are great; there is a satisfaction to using the product.

It is hard to really say too much more about the piece. It is two amazing pieces of leather sewn together with enough space to hold some documents inside, end of story. It is fitted to hold a folded A4 sheet, or A5 sketch pad really well. The only issue is that I am not high class enough to be carrying important documents worth so much protection! Or so I thought; people notice when you pull a sketch book and pens from this beauty…

[Ed note: The studs can be an issue if you're stacking another bit of tech next to this (laptop or iPad especially), so just keep an eye on how you nest things against the studs.]

I am now storing my passports and other travel documents inside, getting ready for a trip. It may be simple but it does its job well.

31trum also have some other great products, i.e. card wallets etc. Check them out on the blog and upcoming website

  • Sarah

    Quality stuff!

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  • Jason watkins

    wow! thanks for the great review.

  • Bigben

    I have a coin pouch from 31Trum and it is an awesome thing, made to order, tough enough to survive in my bag or pocket along with keys, screws, tools etc yet soft enough to give a real sense of pleasure every time I open it.

    Cannot recommend 31Trum highly enough.

    • 31trum

      thank you Ben

  • Cedric

    I love my 31trum wallet, I have a feeling I’m going to have it for at least the next few years.

  • James

    After doing the review, I purchased one of the wallets and am breaking it in at the moment.

    Very happy with it. Watching it slowly take on the contour of my of my pockets.

  • Tom

    After seeing this document wallet on Jason’s website I ordered an iPad case to the same specifications as the document wallet shown in the article and matching custom veg tan wallet. 31trum even added protective leather patches over the reverse of the studs to stop them damaging my iPad!
    These products grow with their users, as James says above, the wallets are molded by the user and over time develop a fantastic patina.

    Hard-wearing, stylish lether bits and pieces! Can’t wait to see the bigger products too!

    • 31trum

      thank you Tom

  • Paul

    I had a case made for my Nokia by 31trum, great bit of quality kit handmade in London by a true Gent. So nice in this world of mass produced crup to have something original crafted for you.

  • teenslain

    I’ve had my 31trum wallet for about four months now and I couldn’t be happier… Quality products!

  • Caz

    I have recently purchased a 31trum iPad case in the same style as the document wallet reviewed here. It really is a quality product and I have already ordered another item as a gift.

  • Bobbo

    I cannot stop buying 31trum’s goods. The problem is I have everything that I need for myself, so have to buy them as gifts for other people, its nice to see the looks on their faces when they see their present, however I still find it hard to give away something that I want that much!

  • Eightball

    I saw Jason’s work on the London Fixed Gear Forum (it’s quite niche, you’ve probably never heard of it) and liked the cut of his……..leather work jib.

    Having purchased one of those Kindle electrical reading doohickies recently and wanting to protect it’s faceplate betwixt my domicile and workplace, I contacted Mr 31trum via pee emmm. We communicated further by e mail after which I settled on a lovely pale veg tan leather for my Kindle case.

    It only took moments for it to be made and sent, and it’s getting all nice and worn in now doing it’s job of keeping my reader safe in my bag.

    Thanks 31trum!

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