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Malcolm Fontier

by , October 23, 2010

Super quick post on Malcolm Fontier. We’re really enjoying what they’re doing and thought you might as well…

He’s been around for a number of years, with some interesting and innovative takes on carry.
This new range is softer, with larger capacities, and feels like a step in a nice direction.

The Copenhagen To Congo trip is a neat way to document and showcase the new bags. Plus, the guy has managed to do what we all dream of… managing to write off a great trip on work expenses!

Check out the rest of the range over at the Malcolm Fontier Website, Blog or Facebook Page.

  • JordanXN

    I don’t see either of the bags in this post on their website – are they no longer in production? :(

    • Leather

      Hey Jordan,

      The images we used above, are of new bags that are being released as we speak. It’s all part of a new promotion/travel run Malcolm Frontier are doing titled Copenhagen To Congo.

      Won’t be long til you get your hands on one of them!


      • JordanXN

        Thanks, I see it now. Though I noticed when I tried to go to their website by hand that it is Malcolm “Fontier,” not “Frontier.” I’m assuming it’s a last name.

  • Clark

    Love his work. I have one of his laptop bags in my studio here – fantastic attention to detail.

  • Jeanice

    I am really interested in buying the getaway and new yorker bags… I go onto their website, and next thing I know is that their retiring from the business so they have this 40% off sale where both of those bags went out of stock right away. Is there anywhere else that I can buy those bags? Please help! Thanks

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