Carryology says hi to Bellroy

by , August 13, 2010

Bellroy is a new wallet and carry brand

The growth and support that has been happening around Carryology is amazing. We feel really fortunate to be a part of the carry community finding a voice.

The initial idea and seeding for the blog came from a few of our contributors, who have also been working on another project. That project is called Bellroy, which has just launched a series of really interesting wallets…

For the regular readers of this blog (which is a LOT of you), you’ll notice some of the themes that get frequent discussion space – slim wallets, more efficient storage, dividing cards between frequently accessed and infrequently accessed… the sorts of themes that are too rarely addressed in the wallet world.

So these guys are now trying to improve the way we carry, using responsibly sourced, vegetable tanned hides that feel pretty amazing in the hand. The formats are diverse, and both male and females are catered to (but sorry, no Costanzas).

Check it out if you have time, ping some feedback to the guys either in the comments here or via the Bellroy site, and have an awesome weekend.

Bellroy wallet range of slim wallets

  • pu

    omg. i didn’t realize you guys are from australia! sweet

    • ando

      Haha, only some of us Pu…this community keeps growing, and we now have contributors from all over this crazy world.

  • Jason

    sweet, glad to see some of the ideas/knowledge that is getting shared here is getting processed into actual product. nice work guys, just don’t let the bias show thru to heavily ;) hahaha kidding. am digging the hide n seek.

    • ando

      Haha, these days the Bellroy crew only make up one third of the contributors, so I think they’d get Wrestlemania’d from the top ropes if they tried showing bias! But there’s also loads of other carry brands reading, so you can be assured that the world is indeed implementing this learning young Skywalker (I mean Jason).

  • Scott Arbeitman

    I’ve been showing my Very Small Wallet around Melbourne and San Fran. The response has been amazing.

    • ando

      Great to hear Scott. Hopefully it’s also reduced your pocket bulge and started to protect those cards a little better :)

      Ahhhh, San Fran in Summer. Slightly jealous right now…

  • Scott Arbeitman

    Definitely. My smaller pockets make it easy to weave between the hordes of confused tourists.

  • Ariz

    Just got my Hide and Seek wallet a few days ago! I randomly saw it in a shop and thought it was the coolest wallet ever! Great design, high functionality and definitely unique and FUN! ( I like fun wallets).

    I was even more surprised and glad to find out that Bellroy’s based in Melbourne!

    • ando

      Good to hear you’re digging it Ariz!

  • oblom

    I bought 3 of Bellroy’s wallets, just couldn’t stop myself from buying it.
    There are amazing in quality and very smart done.

    • ando


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