How do you deal with earbud tangles?

by , November 16, 2009
Great tangle effort from Michael

Great tangle effort from Michael

How do you deal with earbud tangles?

What do you do with your earbuds when not using them?

If you sport anything with an ‘i’ in front of it, you probably have a set of earbuds that are kept at close quarter– ready for tunes, calls, or a quick YouTube laugh.

But when being stashed, they usually end up tying themselves in knots in a pocket or pouch, ready to frustrate your next effort.

Some of our favourite solutions so far are from Budtrap or Lifehacker, but we reckon there’s an even better way out there… we just can’t find it.

  • Leigh

    It seems like a lot of work, but it’s easy:

    Hold the plug part of the head phones between your thumb and forefinger. Wrap the rest of the cord around your hand uniformly, but not tightly that you can’t slide it off. When there’s enough length remaining for about one or two more wraps around your hand, slide the loop off of your hand with the other hand keeping the loop in tact. Take the “unlooped” wire and wrap it around the middle of the loop to make it into the shape of the number 8. Do this tightly. Stick the bud parts through one of the two loops you created.

    Surprisingly effective. You can throw it in your bag and it won’t become a tangled mess if you wrap it tightly enough.

    • Ando

      Thanks Leigh,
      that’s a great description.

      I’ve tried your number 8 technique for the last couple of days, and found that:
      -It seems to work well in my bag (other than a bit of bag lint getting jiggy with the earbuds)
      -But bumping around in my pocket for a couple of hours, it’s still found a way to get all late-night Twister on me.

      Still, it’s a small step towards headphone bliss. Many thanks for sharing.

  • Brandt

    My favorite buds are the Griffin TuneBuds. They’re under $30 and most importantly have a braided fabric cover on the cable. This makes them as close to tangle free as one can ever hope for. I don’t know why more makers have not added this feature. I like the halve, then halve again, then tie that into a overhand knot storage method. It’s fast and doesn’t kink the cable or create tight turns.

    • Ando

      I hear ya Brandt,
      the best solution is to eliminate the problem at the cause.

      The braided cords are a good step, or eliminating the cords all together.
      And in the meantime, we try simple hacks to get around the issue.

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  • KBL2503

    Hold your earbuds between thumb and index finger roll them up over the index and mittel finger – put the roll of wire, jack connector and earbuds in a Codac film container – It works like a charm

  • Julius Anthony Savella

    you know those small altoids tin cans. my earbuds fit in them. they never tangle, so far

  • Glenn Banchard

    I wrapped my entire cords from plug to earpieces with embrodery floss using half hitches. Looks fantastic and 100% eliminates tangles.

    • http://www.carryology.com/ ando

      Wow, sounds crazy. Do you have a pic?

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